Sometimes I could be in the US

Today, as I was driving home in my automatic car, after picking up Subway for dinner, while listening to Nirvana on the radio, with the window down and the sun shining all around me, I felt as if I could have been driving in the US. And then I saw a street sign that we just don’t have in the US and I remembered that I am in Finland.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I could be in the US

  1. Yes. This. (Except for the driving part–we don’t own a car, and I still haven’t gotten used to the whole left-side driving thing.) It’s only been 7 months for us (not counting the year and a half in Canada). Please tell me this expat thing gets easier.

    • Thankfully we drive on the right side here also. I don’t want to think about left side driving!
      I’ve only ever known Finland ad my ex-pat county. I have adjusted and even thrive here. Some days can still be challenging. If there is a different language, learn it! At least basics. It truly helps.

      • I do need to learn some phrases in Welsh! My daughter speaks more than I do right now. And eventually I have to learn to drive here, too. Scary. But I hope we’ll thrive here, too. It’s just going to take some time.

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