#MicroblogMonday – Park

It’s still raining, winding and sometimes even sleeting. Welcome to spring in Finland.

The weather doesn’t stop the need for kids to burn off energy, so yesterday morning after being half awake since 4:30am and fully awake since 6am, the kids and I went to Sorsapuisto (duck park).

We were the first ones at the park at 9:25am.


Paxlet and Tadbit had lots of fun running around.



It was actually decently warm and a bit sunny while we were there.
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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Park

  1. I want to lie down in that swing, too! I am impressed that you still go out. I would curl up in my warm clothes and beg the kids, “Don’t you just want to stay in?” You are a kick-ass woman.

  2. Parks are awesome! AJ is starting to really enjoy them (well, pick up rocks, at least). I think it is important to go out in all weathers, well, within reason.

  3. Spring is taking its time here, too. Thank goodness for the park, though! Sometimes I’m amazed when we’re the only ones there, especially when it rained the whole day before. Run, kids, run! Glad you were able to enjoy yourselves!

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