#MicroblogMonday – Chocolate

It’s Monday AND I’ve remembered to blog ON Monday! Earlier today (3-4 pm), I had no clue what to write and so it was going to be ‘this and that’ type stuff, but I’ve since had an adventure (9:15-10:30 pm)!

As Tadbit was finally falling asleep, I saw on FB that a Finnish chocolate company posted about a new chocolate flavor (Salty toffee crunch) coming out and their promo-gig to get people involved in tasting it before it hits the shops. In each of the three biggest cities in Finland, they created 100 “hot spots” for the first person to go to and register their phone number, and get a code in return to exchange for one of the new chocolate bars.

One of the hot spots wasn’t too far from my home, so I drove there. While I was pussyfooting around with my car and by the time I turned it off and got out to walk to the hot spot, a dog walker got there and registered it before me. Boohoo!

I went to the only other hot spot somewhat close to me, which happened to be near the hospital/ER. However, this hot spot is on the inside of a walled off construction area, where the original ER entrance was… I was just meters away!!! Boohoo again!

So, I came home empty handed. Thankfully, I have my own chocolate stash (Whole hazelnuts or Salty popcorn) to comfort me.  It’s just not the new flavor.
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6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Chocolate

  1. Heartbreaking to be so close. One time we were at Hershey and they asked us if we wanted to try a new flavour. Yes, please! But I honestly answered that I had food allergies, and even though those foods weren’t ingredients in the chocolate bar, they couldn’t allow me to try it. Bummed out.

  2. They should send you a whole box of the chocolates just for your tenacity. I loved the story of your adventure. It reminded me of Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory when everyone was searching for the golden tickets. Thanks for sharing!

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