Tadbit vomited last night. Not spit up or baby puke, but full on power puke. It was the first time either of my kids had a stomach bug. (Paxlet is 3 years 5 months and Tadbit 10 months on Friday.) I am now initiated into the “have been vomited on” group. And I don’t like it one bit.

Her vomiting lasted only 6 hours and the two of us got 3+ hours of uninterrupted sleep after that. Paxlet slept through it all! Plus we napped during the day.

In the morning, Tadbit was as happy and as hungry as can be. She didn’t like that I only gave her a bit of breast milk. She demanded more! Hey, she might only be 10 months and not verbal, but when she signs ‘more’ and taps at your chest, you know she is serious. Her porridge went down well enough.

However, as the afternoon progressed, she started getting fussy, very tired and warm to the touch again. She is now in bed sleeping, but she is restless and mumbling a bit, which is how it all started last night. And it is very soon approaching the 24 hour “anniversary”. I’m freaked out.

All day, every time she has made any sort of gaggy, choke-y, not “normal” sounds, I stopped what I was doing and panicked a little. I don’t want her vomiting again. (I don’t want Paxlet vomiting either, but as he hasn’t done it yet, that worry is a bit further from my mind.) I am hyper aware of anything that could possibly remotely be vomit-like. And I am freaking. I have been traumatized by last nights episode and I’m not sure how to get over it.

I also want my mom! As childish as it sounds, I want my mom. And it hurts more that I know it won’t happen. My MIL was there for me last night and today. I just need to message or call her and she will talk with me, but as always, she isn’t MY mom.

So, I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps at the moment, even if no one is vomiting anymore (yet?). I’m worry about something that might not come to pass again tonight, or even in the near future. But I can’t help it. I don’t expect anyone to solve my “problem”. I just need to be heard.


7 thoughts on “Vomiting

  1. Oh no!! I really hope that she feels better asap! I cannot even begin to imagine how hard last night was on you!
    Also, I really appreciate the comment about wanting your mom. I get it. I so get it. Sending you love.

  2. I maybe laughed a little, I’m sorry 🙂 I have been puked on so many times (literally hundreds) that here are my words of wisdom:

    It’s just food.

    There, see? It’s just food. Little one puked nachos all over me last week. I didn’t even shower after. I’ve caught puke in one hand and continued eating with the other. It’s just food!

    I’m sorry that she’s sick, and I hope no one else catches it. But meantime: wash everything in peroxide and spray everything else down with Lysol III or bleach, because those germs live on surfaces for approximately forever.

  3. I hope she’s better soon and that no one else in the house catches it. I can deal with a lot of stuff but not vomit. They’ve luckily made it to the toilet most of the time. But the times they were too little and didn’t? Ugh… Cringing just thinking about it. Sending a lot of good thoughts.

  4. We recently had a case of the puckies here. I had so much of Levi’s barf on me we both had to just get in the shower. Tru threw up all over himself and into a pair of DH’s underpants I grabbed and held under his mouth. Lol. Poor kids. So unpleasant! I hope there are no more barfies over there.

  5. Poor family! I hate vomiting too. AJ has only ever sort of vomited once, and it was a one off thing. The idea of a serious stomach bug scares me too. I have had a couple myself in the last few months. It’s true being sick makes you want your parents. I hope you feel better soon. You are being a good mom!

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