#MicroblogMonday – What color to (hair)do?

It’s been ages since I’ve had my hair cut. I am sure I got it cut about a month before Tadbit was born (beginning of March this year), but I can’t find mention of it anywhere. The last time I have record of a cut was October a year ago. It is now time to get my hair done!

My question is this: What color should I dye it? Green? Purple? Turquoise? Fire Engine Red? Personally, I’m leaning more towards a green-turquoise, slightly heavier on the green. But I also like purples.

My current hair. And I suck at selfies.
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4 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – What color to (hair)do?

  1. At my last hair appt I got a few streaks of red to see how it looked- and I want more next time! You will definitely have to show us pictures whatever you do!

  2. I just saw the most gorgeous mixture of blues and purples last night. The woman had only done the underside of her hair. So the top layer was blond, but I kept thinking I saw these glimpses of colour. And when we were talking, I reached out to pull her hair back and saw how it was all a different colour underneath. It was gorgeous. Totally eye-catching.

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