It was only a can

I mentioned a while back about Paxlet collecting cans and returning them for money. Well, this last weekend the kids and I hopped on a bus to go to the store. At the next bus stop, Paxlet saw a can outside on the ground. I told him we couldn’t go and get it right then, as we were in the bus and heading to the store. Instead, I said we could go see if it was still there on our way home.

On the way home, we hopped off the bus at the corresponding bus stop, walked across the street and Paxlet started looking all around. He looked under the bench and then all around and under the stroller of the mom and her two kids (just like us) that was there. The mom asked what were we looking for. I explained that Paxlet had seen a can and that we came back for it. At this point she started reaching in her bag and said that if we see a can we need to pick it up immediately. I then told her that we would have, except we were in the bus heading to town when Paxlet spotted it. The mom pulls the can out and says with a laugh that he has a very good eye. She then handed the can to Paxlet.

There is still good in this world.


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