#MicroblogMonday – “I got a lot”

Shortly after Tadbit was born, 30 weeks ago, I took Paxlet out one morning to burn some excess energy. During this outing, we looked for can and bottles that we could return to the store for coins. I thought it would be fun for Paxlet, but I never thought it would be this…successful.

We have got a bottle/can hound on our hands! He is constantly on the lookout for them, wanting us to look in every single trashcan we pass and even telling us about the “squished” ones he sees in the middle of the road or while he was walking somewhere with the daycare group. He even wants the Estonian cans, which don’t have a bottle return here. In fact, the entire family has gotten in on it. Mr Siili will pick up bottles and cans he sees on his way to/from work. And I also tuck them in the bottom of the stroller when I’m out and about during the day.

For Paxlet, it’s the little things! He loves finding the cans/bottles, putting them in the machines, pressing the green button that spits out the receipt, handing said receipt to the cashier and then getting coins. Yes, these coins go directly to him. Paxlet loves it when he gets more than one coin. For him, ,45 cents (,20 + ,20 + ,05) is more exciting than a 1€ coin.

During these roughly 30 weeks, he has returned more than 60€ worth of cans and bottles. Fifty euros of that has been put in his savings account to await some future purchase when he realizes that he has money and what it can do. But for now, he can continue to have fun putting the coins in his frog bank.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – “I got a lot”

  1. What a great hobby! You’re both getting him to be more observant of the world while also teaching him about recycling. Now I can’t wait for a future presentation from Paxlet about how this new hobby lead to a long-term career goal.

  2. It’s the best way to stimulate the population to recycle. In Germany everyone piles up the bottles and cans and takes them periodically to the store, using the receipts to pay for the shopping. As in Finland, only bottles made here can be recycled like this. Whatever we bring from other countries must go to the plastic container.
    It is a good habit to form as young. My boys already know how to sort the trash according to the four bins, namely paper, metal, plastic, and glass. We also compost, and that has been loads of fun for them. Whatever cannot be sorted there, or is bulkier, we take periodically to the Wertstoffhof, the local recycling centre. We practically do not fill a normal rubbish can in a week, due to recycling. What is odd is to go on holiday, keeping on with the good habits, and discovering there is only rubbish can. 😳😏

    • I agree, well, at least the cans get recycled. But I do believe Finland is quite good about recycling in any case (I have no actual facts on this though). Most apartments and complexes have cardboard, compost and paper recycling. Metal and glass can be found at some of the bigger stores. I am decent about recycling, but not perfect.
      Paxlet also wants to pick up all the garbage he sees. We just need to remember gloves and garbage baggies…

  3. How wonderful! We used to do this when we were young. It taught us about recycling and saving, and the different value of different bottles. I remember beer bottles returned only a cent or two. (Perhaps because they were the most plentiful? Supply and demand!) They don’t seem to have these programmes now in NZ – though of course we have general recycling for bottles in household waste, which we didn’t have in those days.

    • Cans (,15cents), single serve plastic bottles (,20), 1,5 liter bottles (,40) and so on, do have different values, but Paxlet doesn’t get that yet. Someday we’ll work with the numbers and value part of it. For now, the amount of coins received and if they are big or small is exciting enough. lol

  4. If we had a program like this where I live, I’d totally be taking my kids out on a regular basis to look for cans.

    G loves coins and this would be a great way to teach him about money and recycling. I wish we had something like this!

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