#MicroblogMonday – I forgot the seat belt

There’s a first for everything, but this isn’t really a first (or last) you want to experience.

On Saturday, I took both kids to the store with me. We did our shopping, put the food in the care, the cart away and then I asked Paxlet to crawl into his seat as I put Tadbit in hers. I closed her door, walked around the car and closed his door and then I got into the car, put my own seat belt on and drove off. I wouldn’t have realized I forgot Paxlet’s seat belt until we got home if I hadn’t had to slam on my breaks to not hit the car coming towards us, in our lane! When Paxlet flew out of his sit and hit the back of mine, and I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye (back of my head? how did I see behind me?!), that is when I realized what I didn’t do. Thankfully, Paxlet wasn’t hurt and I was soon able to pull over and put his seat belt on him.

It was all I could do to not break down in tears. I could imagine all too well how that situation could have gone. I count my lucky stars and hope it never happens again.

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10 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – I forgot the seat belt

  1. It happens to everyone sooner or later, really. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

    Lately, N’s carseat has been coming unbuckled (he’s too heavy for LATCH in our car, so we have to use the seatbelt), and it’s always when my car is full of kids and I’m faced with deciding if it’s safer to unload the kids into a busy parking lot to give me the space to reattach the seat .. or drive the 2 minutes home without his seat secured.

    Hard keeping these little ones safe all the time!

  2. Oh no how scary! I’m glad that Paxlet is okay! Don’t beat yourself up about it though- these things happen. Just remember what our parents used to put us in before car seats- anything these days is much safer. 🙂

  3. EGADS. These kinds of things are always terrifying… but they do happen to everyone. Baby rolls off the change table and you catch him moments before hitting the ground. Baby skids down the stairs and miraculously lands on butt not head. Baby chokes momentarily on the one chunk you didnt cut small enough. Seriously. These things happen. I’m glad he’s ok and that your holding it together. Scary. But glad nothing worse came of it.

  4. Oh dear. It’s a scary thing to happen but we are not perfect and people make those mistakes (we’ve forgotten to do up the carseat straps…twice now….I never let Mr. Turtle forget haha). You’re a good mama!

  5. Oh, dear, how terrible. You must have felt sick. We do so many things in a day and our brains are always racing ahead. Forgive yourself. Once, I was changing my son on a change table as I bent over to put something in a bag and he rolled over into a laundry hamper. I felt like the worst mother alive. Yup, used the straps after that one.

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