#MicroblogMonday – this and that

I remembered and forgot about #MM last week. I dislike it when I do that.

Mr Siili had his birthday a week ago Sunday. He’s old. Well, at least older than me (by two years).

Paxlet turned 3 yesterday! My goodness time flies. He had friends over on Saturday and family yesterday.
A friend made his cake. I’m totally impressed. I think Paxlet was too.


I’ve recently sewn two crowns. They are quick and easy (enough). I am going to try to get two more done this week: one for a friend’s birthday and the other for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday.

I also made this for Tadbit.

wpid-wp-1441023532380.jpeg wpid-wp-1441023570510.jpeg

My hair has lost most of its midnight blue colour. There are several factors at play why it didn’t stay put so well. 1. I didn’t bleach my hair first. 2. My hair is too healthy. 3. The dye was over 10 years old. I’m telling myself that if i can find more hair dye locally, that I’ll bleach my hair and dye it again, properly.

Paxlet starts Temppukoulu (trick/stunt courses/classes) tomorrow. I hope he likes it.

Tadbit and I start Mummy&Me exercise classes on Thursday. I hope it helps my back and neck, which is what the class focuses on.

I went to the chiropractor today. Parts of my spine feel great other parts hurt worse. But I know it will be better in another day or so. Also see above.

This Thursday evening is a girl’s night out! I’m very much looking forward to seeing my girl friends. Tadbit will be joining us, as I don’t think Mr Siili would be up to the task of getting two kids to bed on his own. Especially after last night when we/I learned that Tadbit loudly and vehemently refused a bottle. Of my own breast milk no less!

And how could I almost forget last Friday’s crisis. I locked my keys and wallet in my car, at the store. I just so happened to put my phone in my pants pocket while in the store. I rarely do that. I called Mr Siili and he picked up Paxlet from daycare. My friend J used our spare house key to find my spare car key (thankfully it was where I remembered it) and brought it to me. Sometimes it’s not all the friends you have, but the one that is there for you. I am so thankful for my friend.

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3 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – this and that

  1. What an awesome cake! Izzy loved the blanket with the tags on the side- her MIL got her one and I was surprised at how much it kept her busy.

    I hope Tadbit learns to take a bottle soon!

  2. That is so scary locking your keys in the car! Thank G-d for that friend (as well as extra keys). And a lot of happy birthdays in your family in August.

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