Only I would have known

Tadbit and I went to a flea market yesterday. I found clothes for her and Paxlet. However, when the clothes were rung up at the cash register, the total was less than I had calculated in my head. I just figured that I had added something incorrectly. No worries, I thought. It was in my benefit. But later in the evening when Paxlet and I were looking through the clothes, I noticed one of the items still had the price tag on it. *frown* So I had calculated correctly, but the sales lady just missed that item. I could have just left it at that and gone on with my life. It wasn’t my fault that the lady had missed it. But I would have known that I hadn’t paid for it and I would be reminded of it each time Paxlet wore it. Plus, the person who was selling the item wouldn’t get their money.


So, I emailed the flea market and told them what had happened. I got a reply this morning and the lady will make sure the person gets their money and I will pay for item the next time I go back there, because I know I will go back there. I love me a bargain!
What would you have done?


Most flea markets here in Finland work that people rent a table from the store and the store handles the money. When your rental time us up, you pick up what didn’t sell and get paid the amount toy did sell.


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