#MicroblogMonday – In the blink of an eye

While the 8 weeks at home with both kids felt like forever when I think of it in terms of Paxlet (sometimes). I feel like I barely remember any of the things having to do with Tadbit. She was 2 months old at the beginning of the summer “holiday” and 4 months when it was over. When did Tadbit stop being a baby baby and become a big baby?

I’m feeling a bit…sad. This is definitely the last time I will be experiencing any baby things with my own kids and it feels like they are slipping through my fingers too fast. And I know this time goes quickly, yet it is still happening!

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s post at Stirrup Queens.


2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – In the blink of an eye

  1. It is so hard when you know something is a last time. I also wish I had documented things better so I could look back and reflect. 😦 Sending a hug.

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