Tadbit is 4 months old

I haven’t said much solely about Tadbit lately, so I thought I’d do a monthly update. She turned 4 months old last week. It occurred to me last night that she was 2 months old when Paxlet’s summer holiday started and now she is 4 months. She has changed and grown so much in the last two months!

Weight & Length: Last week she weighed in at 7540 g (16,6 lbs) and was 63,5 cm (25 in) long.

Sleeping: I think there is a bit of the 4 month sleep regression going on, coupled with a growth spurt, and I’m not getting as much sleep as I was earlier. The last couple of nights she has woken every couple of hours to eat. Naps can be anywhere from 4 hours to 45 minutes. I’m thinking now that Paxlet is back in daycare, Tadbit’s naps will become more routine and predictable.

Eating: I’ve got another champion eater on my hands, or rather boobs. She has gotten more efficient at eating and it now generally takes much less time to feed Tadbit. She also is quite good at letting me know when she doesn’t want to eat anymore.

Diapers: I just today opened a pack of size 4 diapers (7-11 kg). She could have stuck with size 3 for some time, but we’re out of those… I hope this larger size will help curb the explosions that happen almost daily, in all different diaper brands. I think the explosions have more to do with how she is sitting than anything else. Ugh!

Clothing: Tadbit is wearing size 68 cm / 3-6 month clothing, with a few 6-9 month pieces thrown in. We have been given so many summer clothes (short sleeved & legged) that there is no way we will wear them all. It just isn’t that warm nor for that long. I feel a bit sad for that.

Hair: She was born with some dark hair and most of it has fallen out to be replaced with blond hair. The same happened with me.

Personality: She is a very happy baby. She loves to talk, laugh, giggle and watch her brother. She is also a “don’t want to lay back” baby. Also like her brother, she watches everything around her with a very intense look. She’s not going to let anything get by her notice. This little girl is also very demanding and not afraid to let us know when she is unhappy. The binky didn’t stay in her mouth? She’s going to fuss! The toy fell away from her reach? Yup, she’s going to let us know about it, loudly. Poor Mr Siili is not going to get any peace and quiet in this household. LOL

Milestones & Firsts: Tadbit is rolling over from her back to the front on her right side. Today I saw her roll on the left for the first time.

She can reach for and grasp things quite well these days. And getting them into her mouth is easy!

On her 4th month birth date, she started blowing raspberries and hasn’t stopped. She finds it quite funny if you blow them at her and she is proud of herself when she does it to.


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