#MicroblogMonday – I survived 8 weeks of summer with both kids at home


I’m a bit torn over my feelings on this post title and the content to come. Yes, I know I wanted not one kid, but two and I have been extremely lucky to have them. However, with Paxlet quickly coming up on 3 years of age, he is a handful! He sometimes fights anything and everything I do or say and then screams or cries when something is done that he doesn’t approve of. Add on top of that the refusal to take a nap, even if it is needed, or even rest for a short bit, unless we are in the car then falling asleep is a given. Having him home these last 8 weeks from daycare has been totally exhausting! So, in that sense, I survived those times when he was screaming, crying and fighting me.

I realize that people who have twins, or more, deal with more than one kid all day from the get go. I also realize that not all moms can or want to have their older kids in daycare while they are at home. For me, I have found it a godsend while I was getting my feet under me after having Tadbit. It helps that Paxlet likes his daycare lady and the kids. Plus they are able to play his extra energy out much better than I am.

During the times he was happy, not screaming and we were working on things in the same direction, summer was great! We did quite many things at home and away from home. I enjoyed the good times. Paxlet is truly a smart, talkative (my ears are hanging on by threads) and sweet little boy that is growing up so fast.

In “honor” of Paxlet heading back to daycare today, Tadbit and I had a restful day at home and I took a nap with her in the morning. Aaahh! Sleep!

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6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – I survived 8 weeks of summer with both kids at home

  1. Ahh, I remember those days! I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three (’95, ’97, and ’00), with the support of a loving husband and caring mother, with friends available to babysit, and I’d feel guilty that every now and then, I wished I could put the kidlets in daycare part-time, so I could catch my breath. Congrats on surviving, and I hope you had a glorious nap!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful summer! I am always amazed at anyone who can handle the company of children for any length of time, and it sounds like you did a great job with two little ones this summer. 🙂

  3. This is what I worry about when having a second kid. How do you deal with the go-go-go of the older kid when you are recuperating from childbirth (esp. with a c-section)? Hats off to you! Congrats on surviving the 8 weeks!

  4. Congratulations on getting through the 8 weeks. I think it must be so much harder to do two different ages than twins. The twins entertain each other and everything is simply in duplicate vs. two different sets of needs.

  5. Yeah, it’s hard to wrangle two. The one benefit of twins is they are at the same stage. But many times it can be challenging, especially when they are both unhappy.

    Congrats on surviving!

  6. This is why I can’t wait for preschool to start next month. I don’t feel like I’m doing enough to get Gs energy out or stimulate him. It can be hard with a second one around!

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