#MicroblogMonday – 39

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 39.


I’ve been hating my wardrobe lately. It’s really plain, boring and most clothes have been bought some years ago (many are from 6 years ago, plus or minus). I don’t feel most of them are me anymore.

One day, not long after Tadbit was born, I happened to see these beautifully bright and vibrant clothes in the store I bought a nursing bra at. But when I looked at their price, OMG! I was not going to pay 70+ euros for one item. A few days later, I happened to mention these clothes, whose brand name I had forgotten, to my good friend R and she asked me if the brand was Desigual. Why, yes! That was them! She has a few pieces and just loves them, even if they do cost a pretty penny. A week or two later and she informs me that Desigual’s website is having a 50-70% off sale and would I want to create an order with her. After quickly painstakingly going through their sale items, I had 15 items that I more or less liked. I narrowed it down to 6 items and then 4, but I was trying to get it down only 2 items. I mentioned this to Mr Siili and asked if he’d come give me his opinion when he asked if I would like to have this as my birthday gift? Would I ever?!

One order later and an agonizing 5 day’s wait and I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful and feel-good dresses and 2 comfy and cute shirts.

love hanaleis

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12 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – 39

  1. Happy birthday! I love the dresses- they would be perfect for a day like today (hot in Chicago).

  2. Early happy birthday wishes! Funny, day after tomorrow, I’ll turn 50 (Leos, represent! *grin*).

    Love the shirts, and the dresses are adorable. Great choices!

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