MicroblogMonday – Why? And then what (happens)?

Paxlet is going through a “Why?” (Miksi?) and a “And then what?” (Ja sitten mitä?) phase. It is driving me totally bonkers!!!! Actually, it’s worse than that. It pisses me off at times.

I thought this “phase” happens later!?

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6 thoughts on “MicroblogMonday – Why? And then what (happens)?

  1. I meant to comment so many times, but it just did not happen. I catch up with you on my phone, but commenting is tough, so it just doesn’t happen.
    Hope everything is going well, and the good times are longer than the less good ones. 😉

    That said, I can relate to this post. We’re deep in the Why-s and And-then-whaaat-mum?-s. We’ve been there for almost two years?! It tests my patience more than when they’re being wild. And I can’t see an end to this, since they’re practically taking over from each other, and there’s always one of them who asks this. I don’t mind, when they pay attention and not ask me the same silly question five times in a row. When they want to know, and ask questions that show they do want to know more, I am so patient and happy to oblige. But when they just want to hear themselves talk, GAH. Drives me bonkers, it does!

  2. Good luck — there reached a point when I was little that my mom just said, “Because!” “Why because?” “BECAUSE Because!” And then it went on and on and on. At some point it will get better, but what a beautiful time of curiousity. A beautiful and annoying time… 🙂

  3. I must be naive because this sound super cute to me. But I’m sure it does get annoying! I know what will happen in our family, at least initially: Mr. Turtle and I will make up ridiculous explanations for everything and AJ will grow up with a completely warped idea of how the world works. Or at least, we will until we can’t think any more and just say BECAUSE! or “learn to read then you can answer your own questions” LOL

  4. I am cringing when I tell you this but… some children do not outgrow that stage. We are still in 10 years later. 10 YEARS LATER!

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