Cutting cucumbers and ice eggs

I feel like my last post made it seem as if we are on the go go go and always doing something fun or exciting, which is definitely not the case. We have quite a bit of down time where we are just at home playing with Legos and other toys or outside in the yard and nearby areas. With 8 weeks of no daycare for Paxlet, we’ve got to find something to do to keep him entrained and not destroying the house.
My little big boy, Paxlet, is 2 years 10 months. My little girl will be 3 months this weekend. Today was the first full day alone with the two of them. We had our challenges and a few unpleasant scenes, but overall it went decently well. I am however exhausted. Not that that is new.

In the nearby park this morning we made sand cookies and cucumbers.


After lunch, we prepped a little something for tomorrow’s hot day: dinosaur and spider ice eggs. I saw this idea somewhere on the interwebs and just knew I wanted to do this once we got some warm and sunny days.



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