#MicroblogMonday – Collections

Over the years, I’ve collected many things.

When I was in elementary school I collected stickers. I had tons of them! And still have a few. Garfield anyone?

In elementary school and junior high, I collected pins and stored them on my curtains. I had some from when I watched a space shuttle land in the ’80s and some that were my grandmother’s after she passed away. I wonder if I still have some tucked away at my dad’s house somewhere.

In junior high and high school I collected movie ticket stubs. I’d write who I saw the movie with on the stub.

I also had tons of Native American and wolf stuff during high school. I even went to a few pow wows.

I collected business cards and match books for a while. I had no criteria for them, I just collected what I came across.

During my junior year of high school frogs became my thing. They still are, but I don’t have nearly as much frog items as I used. I still have some cards, stickers, stuffed toys, dust collectors, etc. Paxlet now has my froggy bank and loves it.

While in Finland I started collecting my used contact lenses in a small jar. I would tell myself that someday I would turn it into an art piece titled “lost vision” or something like that. I should just toss the whole thing.

But the thing that I seem to collect the most and continually is bruises. At this moment I have some “pretty” ones on my right upper thigh from walking into the corner of the bathroom door frame.

What do you collect?

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s post at Stirrup Queens.


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