Finally a name for Tadbit

Tadbit finally and officially has her names. It only took us two months to come to it (and another 2 weeks before we had the reveal “party”). We had been pretty sure for some time that we had her first name, but we could not figure out a second name to go with it. And yes, we wanted a second name. At one pine we even tried a different first name (Nina), but I just couldn’t see my little girl with that name.

I love the names we chose. I hope that as she grows it will continue to suit her as we feel her brother’s name does him. Her name isn’t so common here in Finland (2437 girls ever named this, 178 of those in the last 5 years). Even if we had gone with the more Finnish way of spelling Tadbit’s name, it isn’t anywhere near the top 10. In the US though, it is more popular, but again not near the top 10.

Everyone we’ve told her name to has liked/loved it. I also announced her name on FB (a picture of Tadbit with the letters of her name laying next to her on the floor). Some people commented that it was worth the wait and that it was a name fit for a princess, etc. It made me laugh, because would anyone actually tell/write that it was a horrible name choice and that they didn’t like it?


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