#MicroblogMonday – Child’s play

Paxlet has been doing more and more imaginative play. I love watching and listening to him play. Some things I can tell he is copying from the boys at daycare and others could well be his own imaginations. But what has me and Mr Siili laughing recently is some of his word choices. Sometimes instead of using onomatopoeias (beep beep, Clickety-clack, plop, plop, fizz, fizz, etc) when playing, he’ll just shorten the word of the action he’s doing.

Leik leik leik – He was either cutting (leikata) something or the item he had was playing (leikkiä) with something.

Omm omm omm – Paxlet was sewing (ommella) something. (I recently had my sewing machine out.)

Por por por – He was drilling (porata) with his Lego drill that he made

Kor kor kor – Paxlet was fixing (korjata) a chair in our house with his tool set.


“Oh! My! God! Bensa loppu! (The car is out of gas!)

Mr Siili was sure Paxlet copied the English from me, but I don’t say that! And, Paxlet only used this phrase in specific places in play. In addition, the tone and inflection with which he said it, I could definitely hear the voice of one of the boys (who has an older brother) at daycare.

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6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Child’s play

  1. One of my favorite memories is hearing G in the next room; “HAM!” BANG “HAM!” BANG.
    Me: what are you doing?!!
    Her: hamming.
    (Banging on a nail with the hammer from her tool set.) So cute!

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