#MicroblogMonday – bulletin points

Today is a bulletin point sort of day…

– I think I spoke a bit too soon. I am now feeling slight allergy symptoms, but so far not bad enough to force me to take medication. I’m impressed.

– I hate ants. Actually, I would go so far as to say I might even have a phobia of them. I know I have reacted irrationally around/because of them at times. And yet, my boy plays with them. He willingly lets them walk on his hands. *shudder*

– As we were walking home this evening, he picked up a piece of asphalt. I asked him to put it down…and he goes on to tell me that he had a fine piece of asphalt.  And when I finally did get him to put it down, he put it next to the “daddy” piece of asphalt.

– This evening Paxlet asked me to sing him a song about a screwdriver that was stuck in the ground and an ant that was playing with the screwdriver. This isn’t his first request like this either. He usually asks Mr Siili all sorts of silly things.

– I couldn’t get over the feeling of loss of my mom yesterday. It put me in quite a sad and foul mood.

– I finished sewing a full set of the cloth letters. They turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

– How can it be so difficult to pick out a name (first and middle) for such a little girl?! 5 weeks on and she still doesn’t have a name! We think we might have first name, but we can’t figure out a middle name that sounds good with it. I’m almost ready to choose a different first name, but we can’t even figure out any other names.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – bulletin points

  1. Would your mom’s name go with her first name? Just a thought. So sorry for your loss.

    Ants hate (hate!) cinnamon. I’ve used it to get rid of them in my house. And to protect food. Really works.

    • I would love to use a part of my mom’s name, Mr Siili on the other hand isn’t in to using familial names.
      Thankfully no ants in the house (here)!! But I’m pass that on to a friend who recently had ants.

    • I can’t remember what I “sang” even moments later… lol Sometimes the sing is accepted and others I am told that it wasn’t a song or there are questions about it.

  2. I am cracking up over “a fine piece of asphalt.”

    I’m sorry this past weekend was so hard. And likely these past few weeks now that the relationship chain continues — mother and daughter.

    I wish I could help with the name because I love naming things, as you know 🙂 But I wouldn’t know how the name would sound said in Finnish. And I totally get that because we only gave our kids Israeli names that were easy to say in English because I didn’t want to hear an odd sounding name when we spoke in Hebrew. Though I will say that having people botch the pronounciation on a daily basis here in the US is painful, too…

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