Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us! The alder trees are done blooming. And now it is the birch trees’ time to pollinate, yet I’m not feeling much in the way of allergy symptoms. I was just thinking to myself this morning that I haven’t been experiencing any allergy symptoms this year. Huh!? And then I go look at my handy-dandy trusty pollen report webpage in Finland and I see that birch pollen is everywhere!! And in full force! Ok, maybe that explains my slightly runny nose, but that’s all. This is the first year in…as long as I can remember that I haven’t been majorly affected by allergies, especially those due to birch: my worst enemy.

I’m not complaining one bit! It’s just…different. I’ll take this slight runny nose over not being able to breathe because of asthma, itchy eyes so bad I want to claw them out, a constant fountain of a nose and all around miserable feeling any day. Bring on spring!


2 thoughts on “Allergy Season

  1. Pregnancy can change your allergies! My first pregnancy improved my spring and fall allergies .. and my second gave me brand new indoor allergies and eczema. (And killed my thyroid … as I always say, good thing he’s cute.)

    Glad things are better for you though!

    • My first pregnancy was the worst year for allergies and I couldn’t take to good drugs. 😀 And nothing changed. I won’t rule out my allergies being gone for good until I have a few good years. I’ve only had bad birch allergies & diagnosed asthma since 2006. My mom in the other hand had most id her allergies go away in her last couple of years. Anything is possible.

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