#MicroblogMonday – cloth letters

Yesterday I started sewing Paxlet some cloth letters.
I got the idea from Twin Talk, who in turn got it from someone else. They were easy and fun to make. I plan to make the entire alphabet, plus maybe a couple extras of the most used letters. First, I need to buy more of the quilt batting before I can make the rest of the alphabet.
I realized only after I had made the S that the pretty patterned side isn’t the “right” side. 😦


At the request of Paxlet and Mr Siili, I also quickly sewed a blanket and pillow for Paxlet’s Ghost (nightlight), so that it would have a bed of its own and not need to share his blanket at night. He has enough other toys/stuffed animals that share his blanket. (And even more if we would let him.)
The cloth for these projects is re-purposed clothes and an old Muumi (Moomin) pillow case.

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s post at Stirrup Queens.


12 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – cloth letters

  1. Oooh, I like the cloth letters. Especially because I always worried that the plastic magnet ones would end up in someone’s mouth… or stomach.

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