Root Canal

I went to the dentist about 6 weeks ago (2 weeks before Tadbit was born) and even with 3 numbing shots, it was still too painful for the dentist to do anything. I went back yesterday and it was still too painful for the dentist to try anything, so I now have to see a specialist for a root canal. Or just have the tooth pulled. Or have a bridge made. Or…I don’t know.

How horrible is a root canal? Would it be better to just have the tooth pulled? It is a lower molar, 2nd from the back. How badly would the gap show when I laugh and smile?

Mr Siili has never had a cavity so he is no help at all. In fact, he doesn’t understand how I can have had so many cavities, subsequent fillings and other dental work. I do take care of my teeth! I brush my teeth and tongue every day and floss, although not every day, but more often than I used to. And still, I have teeth issues. It sucks!


9 thoughts on “Root Canal

  1. I have really bad teeth, I could brush my teeth 45 times a day and still end up with problems. In addition to other stuff, I have had 4 root canals. I’ll tell you the bad first, but keep reading because there is good.
    I had one done by a regular dentist and it was the most painful experience of my life. It took a few hours for the dentist to do the actual procedure, and seriously it was torture. In fact, I was crying, and I didn’t go back to the dentist for a few years it was so bad.
    Then, I found myself a new dentist. He sent me to a specialist for my next 3 root canals. I’ve seen two different specialists, but they were both AMAZING!! Honestly, it was just like getting a cavity filled. They knew what they were doing and it was nothing like my first experience. I have had zero problems with all 4 of my teeth that have root canals now. So, if you are getting one done, I would absolutely only go to a specialist. Second, I would recommend over having it pulled simply because mine have been successful long run.

  2. So, I’ve had both, a root canal on the right, and a tooth pulled on the left.

    The gap from the pulled tooth (same as yours) doesn’t show. It’s fine. But it annoys the hell out of me. The root canal and crown is much better. The pull was faster, but they were about equal on the pain scale.

    Go for the root canal.

    • Thank you! I know my sister had a molar pulled and she has mentioned that she wishes she had had the money for a root canal instead. 😦 I am leaning towards keeping all my teeth.

  3. I also have had booth procedure’s. I got used to the missing tooth but then I lost another one right next to it that had fractured in half. I’m like My perfect Breakdown above, I inherited bad teeth no matter what I do, I still have problems. If it were me, I would go for the root canal and crown. Potential to retain the tooth for many years to come with no pain.

  4. I’ve had two teeth pulled and a root canal. Both were relatively good experiences. The healing/recovery tIme for a pulled tooth might be a bit longer than a canal…Either way, sending you healing vibes!

  5. My vote is root canal. I was terrified to have my first one done, but the root canal at the specialist was much more comfortable than the failed filling attempt that lead to the root canal. I was actually surprised that it was just like a filling and didn’t take too long. Best of luck.

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