#MicroblogMonday – at the farm

There is a nearby farm that is sort of in the middle of town. We went there yesterday to see the cows, goats, sheep and chickens. None of them were out in their yards/fields. The only animals we saw were a dove (way up in a tree), a crow, and a hawk eating a small bird.

Paxlet asked about the animals again today, so we made the trip once more. Again, no animals! However, the farm’s little shop was open and I was able to ask when the animals would be out. Apparently, it is still too cold for them to be outside more than an hour a day. So, we need to wait another month to see the animals.

However, we did go at the right time and the “milk bar”, where you can buy fresh and unpasteurized milk, was open. And from there you can look through a bit window into the barn to see the cows. Paxlet loved seeing the cows. He told us about the cows laying down, the ones standing, some were sleeping, some were eating and others were not. He asked about different things that he saw. He also told us what the cows said. And that sheep and goats say the same thing. It was pretty cute!

I can’t wait for the animals to be outside so we can go see them all.

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s post at Stirrup Queens.


5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – at the farm

  1. Oooh, I wish I could bring you here. At a nearby farm, you can go and milk the cows and then feed the baby cows from huge bottles. Their store sells ice cream and other dairy products. The perk of living out in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I love living in the country because of this kind of thing. Our neighbours let you come and feed their babies – they have cows and goats and sheep – by bottle. So fun! My nephews just can’t get enough of it!

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