Tadbit’s two week update and thoughts on the doula

My goodness, my little girl is two weeks old already. I’m still figuring things out, but she’s a pretty easy baby. If I have to say, she might be even easier than Paxlet was at this point. She feeds like crazy for an hour or two and then sleeps 2-4 hours, day and night.

As I said, she eats well and does everything a baby should do well. Her weight is going up and I can tell she’s getting bigger already. Some of the newborn clothes that we big on her when we got home are now fitting. (How does that happen so fast?!) We’ve also moved up to size 2 diapers.

Life is getting a bit more settled and into a routine. At least as much as it can be with a newborn in the house. Paxlet has been going to daycare each weekday, sometimes willingly others not so much. While Paxlet is at daycare, it gives Mr Siili and I some time to sleep, rest and just be. During the weekends, Mr Siili and I sort of tag team it. One of us usually gets to sleep in a bit and the other can take a nap later if needed/wanted.

We still have not figured out a name for her. I’m sort of stressing over it. We had a name for Paxlet by two weeks…we still have no clue for this little girl. Thankfully we still have time: up to two months. The way things work for registering a name in Finland are still the same as they were when we named Paxlet. And my list of rules is pretty much the same as it was then, even if I have updated it a bit. We’ve been using the name search function on the Population Register Centre website to see how popular a name is and if/when a name has ever been popular in Finland.
For example, if we use my name in the search, you can see that there has been less than 102 people registered in Finland with this name. Less than 10 males in total and less than 92 females in total. On the other hand, if you were to search Emma or Olivia, you’d get much higher numbers as those names are very popular in recent years.

My dad says they are calling her Bunny, because she was born on Easter, just like him all those years ago.


Looking back, it was nice to have a doula. We only met twice before Tadbit was born, the morning/day of delivery and we should meet at least once more in the next week or so. I really enjoyed talking things out with her about Paxlet’s delivery and what I hoped for Tadbit’s delivery. During delivery, she got me water, gave me a hairband (from her own hair!), tried to remind me to breathe and lower my tone of noise and after she took pictures. However. as both births were quite similar, in duration and events, I sort of feel like there really wasn’t much for her to do. Yes, it was nice to know that if Mr Siili couldn’t have made it, for one reason or another, she would have been there. And if something had gone different or taken longer, she would have been there for me. I am still glad I reached out and got a response.

The same sort of went for Mr Siili too. There wasn’t all that much for him to do at the hospital. He did drive me there! However, I did tell him which route to take and where to make turns.) He also held my hand when I held it out to him, talked to me when I said or asked something and got me some water too. He also went to rescue Paxlet after the birth.


I say rescue Paxlet in a loose and not so urgent way. My friend who took care of Paxlet for us did a great job and he was safe the entire time. She took him to a reptile show (lots of dead-stuffed animals), bought him a stuffed toy crocodile, fed him lots of chocolate Easter eggs and ice cream. She didn’t feed him lunch and Mr Siili wasn’t able to get him lunch until around 2pm (way past normal time). The whole day’s events also resulted in a failed attempt at a nap. Paxlet was beyond hyper and out of control. He truly couldn’t control himself physically or mentally. But Paxlet did fall asleep promptly at bed time. With a few sniffles from missing me.


4 thoughts on “Tadbit’s two week update and thoughts on the doula

  1. Sounds like things are settling down! Congrats on your little girl! Don’t worry about her name, the right one will appear! Sending lots of love!

  2. Sounds like things are going well despite not having a name yet! That seems sort of crazy that they give you up to two months to decide on a name. Are you guys any closer to coming up with one?

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