#MicroblogMonday – She Drives Me Crazy

Been thinking about my mom this evening. How do you explain to a little boy who someone is that he has never met and never will?


It was 1988 when Fine Young Cannibals came out with She Drives Me Crazy. I remember it being on the radio a lot. But there was one afternoon/evening that I remember the most. My mom was driving us kids home from somewhere (the beach? a friends house? we were at least coming from the direction of the beach) and this song came on the radio. My mom and I sang along with it enthusiastically. But what stuck most in my mind was the fact that as we drove past a Bi-Mart, my mom pulled into the parking lot, stopped and bought this album, just because of this song.

It was only years later that I realized this song, for my mom, must have made her think of a woman-friend she liked. For me, I think of this song and remember my mom and the crazy spontaneous thing she did.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – She Drives Me Crazy

  1. It’s hard, trying to keep memories alive with kids who have no memories off their own.

    For whatever reason, the concept of heaven is hugely comforting to mine. We’re not religious at all, but we’ve told them about heaven and how someday when we go, they’ll be there to love us and take care of us ad show us around .. and they’ll get to know them then. For now, we can share memories and pictures.

  2. What a great memory of your mom! I struggle with this too (tomorrow will be 5 years since my mom died), but they live on through us and the memories we share.

  3. I love that moment of understanding in the memory of your mum, but hate that she can’t read this post and remember, too. Thank you for sharing the moment with us.

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