40 weeks and fully baked, #2

Today marks 40 weeks of being pregnant and the journey continues.

On Tuesday (39 weeks 5 days) night at around 10:30pm I started getting some very strong and painful period-like cramps in my low abdomen. This went on for an hour – hour and a half. But once I got up to walk around a bit, they went away. During the cramping I felt ill/sick and my hands and body started shaking a bit from the adrenaline. This was definitely an eye-opening moment of “Holy cow! The baby is coming ‘soon’, whether I’m ready for it or not!” I have since then had a few painful cramps, but nothing regular and nothing more to indicate birth is going to be “today”.

I didn’t go anywhere yesterday in the hopes of keeping Tadbit inside just that much longer. I know it is silly to not want my baby born on a specific day (you try announcing the birth of your baby on April Fool’s day) or to talk about 1 day as if it makes a difference when I am this far along in the pregnancy. In all honesty, a healthy baby at the end of this is the goal. In the mean time, it is fun and silly to try and think my birth date wishes on Tadbit. In the end, Tadbit can, and will, come when she wants.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: As of my neuvola appointment on Monday, I weighed 89,3kg. That is up 21,3 kilos, but still right on track with Paxlet’s pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: I am disliking most of my clothes these days. They just aren’t comfy anymore. And my wintery jacket that has been fitting is barely fitting any more. Please arrive Tadbit so I can fit into some clothes comfortably again.

Stretch marks: Just the new ones I mentioned last week.

Sleep: It is getting a more difficult to sleep comfortably. I’ve woken up a few mornings this week with my left hip really hurting. It took quite a bit of moving around before it wasn’t so painful. I am also more tired during the day, can’t stop yawning and exhausted by Paxlet’s bed time.
Last night I was so tired, that as I was singing Paxlet a few songs to get him to sleep, I was closing my eyes and my mind would wander to other random topics than the songs I was singing. As my mind wandered, whatever topic my mind went to, a word or phrase would somehow pop out of my mouth and into the song. And Paxlet noticed the slip ups. LOL

Movement: I am thankful for Tadbit’s wiggling and kicking around, but it does hurt! Paxlet has even started asking me, quite often, if she is moving or not.

Cravings/Aversions: Junk food!

Gender: Girl, until proven otherwise at birth.

Symptoms: I am having lots of clicks and pops in what sounds/feels like my bump area and in joints all over?
Swelling has finally caught up to me. My fingers are like little sausages in the morning that are semi painful when trying to make a gentle fist. After a bit of movement they are better. The swelling in my ankles doesn’t fully go down over night and by bedtime they are ugly.

What I miss: My “normal” body and not having so many aches and pains. I also miss my face. It has definitely bloated in the last few weeks. It doesn’t look that bad (I’ve been told), but I see the difference. This will all be over soon.

What I look forward to: Last snuggles with Paxlet as an only child. After Tuesday night’s episode, I mindfully had Paxlet crawl into bed with us Wednesday and this morning so I could snuggle and chat with him before fully waking up.
I’m also looking forward to the labor and delivery of this baby!

Moods: I’ve noticed that I’m easily fed up with things and my patience is at an all time low. Especially with Paxlet when he won’t listen to me (2,7 months going on 13 anyone?) or purposefully won’t cooperate. I am a tiny bit impatient for Tadbit to arrive, this not knowing is killing me (not literally). I’m also a bit excited and a little bit scared about it all.

Milestones: We have made it to the due date, intact. Tadbit was a good girl and didn’t arrive on the 29th, 31st or 1st. She’s free to come any day now.

Medical concerns: None.

Misc: I have created a private journal for Tadbit, just like I did with Paxlet. Now I’m just waiting for her to arrive so I can start writing.

I finally, just today, finished creating, writing and posting the Thank You-cards for my baby shower in the US. Yes, that was back in November. This is a situation of “better late than never” according to Emily Post.

My friend who has enthusiastically said she would watch Paxlet when we go to the hospital has sent me a message saying Tadbit had better arrive soon as she has a work trip coming up starting the 12th. I told her we thought Tadbit will possibly be here this weekend and the 9th the latest. Her response: “Fine!” Sounds like she’s getting as impatient as we are.
In addition, Paxlet informed me that when Mr Siili and I head to the hospital, our friend will come over to play with him and that he likes her. I told Paxlet that our friend likes him and likes to play with him also. Melt my heart! And it makes me feel a bit easier about leaving Paxlet alone for possibly the first time at night.


3 thoughts on “40 weeks and fully baked, #2

  1. My due date last year was also April 2, and I didn’t want baby girl to be born the 1st either! I guess I didn’t have anything to worry about because she didn’t arrive for a whole week past my due date. It sounds like Tadbit will be here soon! So exciting!

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