Bags all packed

My hospital bag, Paxlet’s bag and Tadbit’s bag have been finally packed this last week. I am sure I left this until later than last time, however I can’t be fully sure, because I can’t find mention of it in my blog. I know I mentioned that I needed to get my bag packed at 36 weeks, but that is all. Anyway, all is packed and I’m ready!

Please excuse the picture quality, I did these quickly on my phone.

In my bag, I have the following:
– a set of going home clothes (pants, shirts, 2 undies, 2 socks, woolie socks, nursing bra),
– Crocs for while I am in the hospital and going home. Mr Siili’s Crocs have been washed and are drying
– breast pads
– water bottle
– toiletries (toothbrush, paste, floss, comb, face & body lotion, deodorant, chapstick, nail clippers, hairbands & pins, glass case, asthma inhaler) Oh, just realized I should put some magnesium pills in the bag.
– diabetes study stuff (formula, just in case, sample catching containers, notes)

I should also pack a little something for Mr Siili in addition to comfortable shoes such as toothbrush, paste and maybe a change of clothes. However, I don’t really expect that labor and delivery will last that long…

I have snacks in my bag too! Some for Mr Siili (coke can, chocolate bar w/hazelnuts) and Paxlet (juice box & squeeze pouch and anything else) but most of it is for me! I can share though. I’ve put in some cashews, pretzels, chocolate granola bars, honey nuts, Oreo-like cookies and candy. I hope to remember an apple or some other fruit as we leave the house.

Tadbit’s bag isn’t that girlie I realized after laying everything out. But it is practical and makes me happy to look at the items. All knitted pieces have been made by my mom (blue sweater, green hat, blue/green woolie socks & yellow booties). There is a pair of pajamas (brown elephants), a body (orange w/giraffe), pants (white), a silk hat (under the green knitted hat) 2 burp rags (pink), Ainu pupu/bunny (her first stuffed toy) and a thin blanket under it all from my stepmom.

After I took the picture, I added this one last bit so I have something pink and girlie. 😉

Paxlet’s bag was made by my mom and I remember her using it when my sister was little (31 years ago). I’ve put in 2 sets of clothes, pjs, a new & fun toothbrush set and a snack. I am thinking of adding a book or two, a couple of toys and maybe a few other things. I did think of a sleep buddy, but I wouldn’t want to take any of his current favorites out of rotation, just in case he notices.

I still need to add our camera (with new batteries), my phone charger and pen & paper. Is there anything I’ve missed?


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