37 weeks +1 day, #2

Last Thursday after I published the 36 week update, Mr Siili and I watched a TV show or two. One of them, Kroll Show, was new to both of us. After about 5-10 minutes of this show, I was telling Mr Siili how stupid it was and that it was going to make me cry. He laughed and we kept watching it…until I reiterated the same sentiments and really actually started crying in earnest. And then I started cry-laughing because I was crying over something so stupid. Mr Siili thankfully turned it off at that point. Talk about weird emotions and reactions that can only be because of pregnancy hormones!

In the two weeks since I last saw my midwife, my weight has gone up 1,4 kg (3 lbs). My weight gain this time around is still roughly compared to last time: a total of 18,1 kgs (39,8 lbs) so far. Seeing the the number in pounds makes it feel like SO much weight gain, which it is, but I honestly don’t think I look  like I’ve gained that much. It’s either all proportionately distributed or the weight has mostly gone to tummy and face.

I ordered some purple harram pants from a Groupon deal a bit ago and they arrived today. They are cute and comfy, even at this stage (yes!), however they will most likely be indoor only pants, once I’ve given birth. I have “stooped” to wearing sweat pants in public, I might even wear these out in public too. But once I can fit into my mat jeans and other pants, that’s what I’ll do.
(I write stooped, because I just don’t wear sweatpants in public. It feels too weird to me.)

No new stretch marks still.

I’ve had a few nights where I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while after Paxlet woke me or I’ve needed to pee. One night (early morning?) I was kept awake trying to remember the name of a guy that had a crush on me, 20 years ago. I think his name is/was Gabe. I really can’t complain too much in the sleep department, especially since I have the possibility to go back to sleep or take a nap while Paxlet is at daycare.

I honestly don’t remember Paxlet kicking and poking me this painfully! Tadbit truly loves poking out my right side with her bum. OMG She hurts me! It’s still mostly in the evenings when she does her painful movements. Sometimes she wiggles and pokes so much that I start to feel a bit physically ill.

My only cravings as such are still junk foods. And no true aversions to anything.

I’ve got to talk about it: hemorrhoids. Ugh! I had some with Paxlet, but never that bad. This time is worse and in the last day or so they have gotten irritated. I need to go to the pharmacy to ask about some cream, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. I also keep forgetting to ask my midwife if there is anything I can do about them. Maybe this next week when I see here again on Friday.

Other pregnancy symptoms are breathlessness, some swelling in fingers and ankles/calves (I decided to take ALL rings off this morning as the two that never come off were feeling a bit tight during the night), achy hips, being extremely warm/hot (I’ve only been using one blanket most of the winter and that is unheard of for me) and whatever else comes with pregnancy.

I miss being able to move around normally (this bump really gets in the way), walking (without waddling or getting breathless), bending over, cleaning (not so much) without being in pain afterward. It truly is a chore to walk up our stairs.

I can’t wait for Outlander, the 2nd half of season 1, to start again on my due date. Who will arrive first: the TV show or Tadbit? I’m also getting more excited to see Paxlet meet his little sister and see how he interacts with her. Right now it is so cute when he gives my bump a kiss at night.

We’ve had sunny weather the last few days! That makes me feel so light and giddy. They days are getting longer (sunrise 6:50 am, sun set 6:20 pm, but not dark until 7 pm-ish), the temperatures are fluctuating more wildly (-5C at night and +5 to +10C during the day) and the snow is melting!! I know it can and most likely will snow again, but these signs of spring right now are so wonderful!

I’ve seen anywhere from 37 to 39 weeks be considered full term. I think here in Finland is 38 weeks. In any case, we’re almost there!! I think Tadbit is going to be a bit stubborn like her brother (and mom).

Two of my teeth are a bit sensitive to cold and are a bit achy when I chew. One on each side. I probably should call the dentist, but…
I woke up with the start of a cold sore this morning. I haven’t had one in ages!!
I have a bit of a rash, eczema-like, on the inside of my thighs. It’s right where they touch each other the most. I think this rash came about because of how hot and sweaty I get some nights. It isn’t itchy or anything, just annoying.
Even though I went to the chiropractor on Monday, my neck has decided to not cooperate and is stuck and sore again. I think this will just be something I have to deal with until Tadbit is here.

I had a neuvola appointment on Wednesday, with the midwife and doctor. Everything looks normal and good. My blood pressure was a bit higher than normal for me (the top number), but it isn’t so high that there is any concern. My cervix is soft (softer than previously? I have no clue) and shorter. I was sure the doctor told me my cervix was closed, but when I looked at my notes it says 1,5 cm. The doctor did a very quick ultrasound check to make sure Tadbit is head down, which she is. However, she was so quick that she had the machine off before I could even ask to see the monitor also! I most likely won’t see the doctor anymore until after Tadbit is born. I’ll only have midwife appointments. The next one is next week’s Friday.


I’ve now been swimming 3 times so far and I’d still like to live in the pool for the next couple of weeks. I also bought a 10 time card today; it would be Murphy’s law if I were to go into labor before I could use even one time of it next week.

I’ve got my hospital bag mostly packed. I still need to do something for Tadbit and Paxlet. We have no idea where Paxlet will go, if anywhere, yet, but I think it will be best if we at least have a bag of clothes and stuff ready for him.

I mentioned back at 29 weeks about emailing a local doula group. Well, I did email them and for the longest time one lady replied saying that she just wanted to say hi, but that she most likely wouldn’t be around Easter weekend (if Tadbit so happened to arrive on time) and that her husband’s work schedule basically made it impossible for her to be a doula to me. I had basically given up on the idea of a doula, but just over a week ago, someone else emailed me. We’re meeting on Monday to see if we are a match and if she could be of help to me (and Mr Siili) during labor. I’ll update more once I talk with the doula.

Mr Siili and I had sex for the first time this year. This is also much later in pregnancy that we ever DTD with Paxlet. I noticed for the rest of the day that I had many more tightenings and uncomfortable Braxton hicks. Hmm, there may be something to this sex business and getting the baby out.

I thought to drink some Raspberry Leaf Tea (not just raspberry fruit tea) to help with labor when it does start, but now I’m not so sure. My midwife had nothing to say about it, as it is an “alternative path medicine” and she doesn’t know anything about it. Although she did say it couldn’t hurt. However, upon reading about it a bit more, it says a women shouldn’t drink this tea if a previous labor was 3 hours or less start to finish (that was Paxlet) and if you have endometriosis (I do), among other things. Now I’m not so sure if I should drink it or not.

I’ve been noticing the last week or so that I am definitely having my share of BH and bump discomfort. This isn’t necessarily new, but what is new is my attitude towards them, most of the time. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that if Tadbit arrives now, she should be just fine. And so, I am finding that I mostly carry on with what ever it is that needs to be done without worry about could it send me into labor. I am at the end of my pregnancy and there is no way around the discomfort and labor to come. It will happen and it is not a bad thing to happen anymore. So, if the pain is really bad, I’ll stop for that instant, but will generally continue on what I was doing. However, I do play up the pain and discomfort a bit for Mr Siili. 😀 It doesn’t get me too much extra sympathy.


One thought on “37 weeks +1 day, #2

  1. How exciting that you are nearing the part where you get to meet Tadbit! Congratulations and best wishes for a smooth labour 🙂

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