36 weeks, #2

Baby Gabriel was born way too early yesterday at 34 weeks. After only 4 short hours he also gained his wings. My heart is heavy for his family.


It’s been a pretty lazy week so far. I’m mostly enjoying being on maternity leave, however, I’m getting a bit stir crazy staying at home. I should call a friend or two and see if they would want to meet up. I also need to get my behind in gear and do more than just be lazy. I still have time, right?

Mr Siili commented on how big my arms are! Huh? I was just in fact noticing my arm earlier that day and was thinking that I still have decent muscles in it. Hrumph… Maybe I should cut out sweets and junk food…but I want it!!

I am sick of almost all my clothes, that fit. I am almost constantly in my sweat pants and comfy stretch bras. I even leave the house in these!!! Thank goodness for the winter jacket so people can’t see how saggy my boobs are with these bras on.

I was looking at my tummy to see if any stretch marks have shown up this time around and I didn’t see any new. The only two I got last time was at the site of two of my laparoscopic surgery scars.

I am thankful to be on maternity leave so that I can get a bit more sleep during the day if needed. Although it isn’t always easy for me to crawl back into bed once I’ve gotten up, readied Paxlet for the day and taken him to daycare, I have snoozed a couple of times this week. It is getting more and more cumbersome to turn over at night, get out of bed and just over all move. I have also noticed that my hips are getting a bit sore if I sleep (in one position) too long.

Tadbit is still moving like crazy! I haven’t felt the need to count her kicks or monitor her movements yet as I feel her wiggle often enough. She isn’t really moving around, as I am quite sure her bump is up or at least up and to the right, but she is sure throwing some whopper kicks and punches. It used to be that she’d stretch and make me painfully uncomfortable mostly in the evenings after Paxlet had gone to bed and Mr Siili and I were watching a tv show. However, she has started doing it in the early evening (3-6pm) also. Talk about uncomfortable and difficult to follow a toddler at times. I’m also feeling more hiccups from Tadbit. Even Mr Siili felt them the other night!

I can’t help but want to eat tons of sweets and junk food. I guess it could be called a craving…but not for anything specific. I remember this with Paxlet too toward the end. I just wanted lots of junk food.

I’m finding myself more and more uncomfortable and achy, as is normal for the end stages of pregnancy. I get winded slowly walking up the 16 stairs we have in our house. Taking a shower and drying off isn’t the easiest thing to do. Nor is putting on lotion or clothes. I want to cross my legs, but it just isn’t physically possible. I feel full of baby. The need to pee has gone to another level. I mean, how can a person relieve themselves just before they leave the house and then have the urge to go again when the reach the car less than 10 minutes later!? I’ve definitely been getting some BH and tightenings that are noticeable and sometimes require me to stop what I am doing. One thing that has changed (for the better?) is that I haven’t been noticing as much discharge as I was having.
These really aren’t complaints, rather more observations as I seriously don’t have much to complain about. This pregnancy, like with Paxlet’s, everything is going well and we’re all healthy.

I would like to be able to walk normally and not be out of breath or have pain from walking even slowly in a store.

My neighbor ladies are now realizing I am quite pregnant (either they have been talking to each other, which is very possible, or it is just noticeable now) and congratulating me/us. One lady asked today what my thoughts are on labor and do I have any worries or concerns. I told her that I am actually looking forward to it. With Paxlet it was quite an easy and fast labor. Even though I know there will be pain, I am hoping it will go as quickly as with Paxlet. And this time I know more what to expect. And on that note, I can’t help but wonder if Tadbit will be early, right on time or late. Will my waters go first, like they did last time? I just want to know when it’s all going to start!

I finally finished my antibiotics this morning from the cold (over 2 weeks ago) where the doctor heard the start of a rattle in my left lung. I’m now not sure if I have a yeast infection or not? My lady bits feel a bit dry, sore and sensitive, but not really itchy like with past yeast infections. I also haven’t noticed proper discharge that would accompany it. I guess I’ll wait a bit longer and see.

My next neuvola appointment is on Wednesday. Looking forward to that, if only as a reason to get out of the house. LOL

I still can’t believe that life is going to drastically change again soon. Our family of 3 (with two cats) is going to be a family of 4. Paxlet will no longer be an only child. He’s going to have a little sister. On the one hand, I feel ready. On the other, I think I’m starting to panic a bit.


3 thoughts on “36 weeks, #2

  1. I am sad to hear of Baby Gabriel’s early birth and subsequent passing – his family is in my thoughts.
    I am also excited to hear about the start of your mat leave, and everything going on in your life right now. I hope you enjoy the calm of the next few weeks.

  2. I am so sad to hear of Gabriel’s passing. I hope his family will find comfort and healing.

    I too am looking forward to labor if I can get to birth vbac. Did you use pain medication with your last birth? I feel a bit unsure of myself as I have never been in labor before but I’m hoping for the best either way.

    I’m definitely feeling the same symptoms as you on the achy and uncomfortableness. And getting winded etc. I find I have to sit down to pull on my pants and socks. Not much longer though! We are almost there. 🙂

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