#MicroblogMonday – Random

A quick update on baby Gabriel that I mentioned last week. A third hospital has given the family a couple of options for after birth (via section). There is hope, but it really depends on how well Gabriel is doing when he is born. The family is satisfied with the plans of action. My thoughts are with them.


Today marks one month until Tadbit’s EDD.


I’m in a funk with finding a new book to read. I have one started in Finnish, which I really should read… But I want something in English besides the two Diana Gabaldon books/novellas that I am currently reading. My problem is that I am still thinking of the Outlander series and I just can’t get past the characters and their stories. I need to find something, other than another Diana Gabaldon book, to capture my mind for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything I’ve read so far by DG, I just feel the need to read something different for a bit. Any suggestions?

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9 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Random

  1. Hey! I have been reading this book ‘A place called here’ by Cecelia Ahern these days. And I am intrigued by the plot so much that I want to go googling about the story before finishing it but I somehow have restrained myself from doing so., so far. I just cant wait to finish it tonite. I am not sure if I made any sense here 🙂
    I am visiting here through Microblog Mondays.

  2. Aw, I’m so happy to hear about baby Gabriel. Hopefully he will be well enough to receive an option when he is born.

    I can’t remember the last time I read a book. I need to get back into the habit of reading 🙂

  3. I am so happy to hear that they have a plan for Gabriel.
    I love to read, but have been in a reading funk lately so I have no good ideas. But i’ll be checking your comments to see what other people suggest.

  4. Outlander fan here too! One series I enjoy (it was recommended by DG on her “methadone list” is Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series. Interesting, non-cliche characters, slightly mystical themes balanced by edginess, and great plots inspired by historic events, and the setting at the Welsh border is very well described. Some of the books are a bit gruesome, however, at least for me (maybe I’m just sensitive).
    I haven’t followed the story of baby Gabriel, (I’ll have to read your earlier entries) but I feel for that family. Glad to hear there is a plan and hope!

  5. Very good news for Gabriel and his family. They will be in my thoughts.

    Yay for 1 month!

    Wish I could help with book suggestions. But the above suggestions sound really good (and know I have some ideas too 😉 )

  6. Hmmm…I can’t think of anything to recommend reading-wise.

    After catching up on your last post, I’m glad to hear Gabriel’s family has some satisfactory options. It seems like there should be something they can do. But medical stuff tends to be way more complicated than laypeople like me would expect.

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