35 weeks +1 day, #2

I started this last night, it got too late and so, I’m finishing it now.


This evening, I want to start with some thoughts about someone else. A lady in my birth group who is going through a very rough time, to say the least. Her son Gabriel, EDD two weeks after Tadbit, was diagnosed at 12 weeks with ectopia cordis – meaning his heart is growing outside his body. This is a very rare condition and she was told he wouldn’t survive past 20 weeks. She’s now 33 weeks along and he’s still doing well. However, she has just been told that the hospital that was going to help her with a planned c-section and surgery for Gabriel, will do nothing but comfort care when he is born. She is still seeking other options and hopes to find a surgeon and hospital that is still willing to help her soon. I’m keeping them in my thoughts and if you would like to donate towards Gabriel’s chance, you can follow this link.


At 35 weeks pregnant, that means I only have 35 days until the EDD. Holy crud! I just realized yesterday that Tadbit is going to be here within the next 5 weeks (or 6 or 7 weeks if she’s stubborn)! Eeeps! Five weeks sounds…so much closer and home stretch-like. Where has the time gone?!

Yesterday was my official last day at work until 2016. However, since I’ve been out sick since Friday, last week’s Thursday was my last day in the office (not counting the 3 hours I was there on Monday to finish a few things and get all my stuff).

Speaking of sick, I have been miserable! Coughing is the worst. Not only can I not curl up a bit to try and protect my stomach area from all the horrid coughing that would make my bump hurt and go hard, but I couldn’t help but pee myself (only a tiny bit) too many times to count. I did have fever and more tiredness than usual, but thankfully no full on body aches. When I went to the doctor on Monday, she heard a bit of rattle in my lower left lung and decided to put me on antibiotics, just in case so it wouldn’t have the chance to turn into something worse.

And speaking of appointments, I was supposed to have an appointment with my midwife on Monday, but either me or the midwife got our times mixed. Needless to say, i missed my neuvola appointment. Thankfully we were able to reschedule it for yesterday.

Everything was/is boringly normal, not that that is a bad thing. Weight gain (17 kg/37,4 lbs) is the same as with Paxlet at this time in pregnancy, still. Swelling is maybe a couple of weeks earlier than with Paxlet, but it isn’t so bad yet. I’ve only had to remove my wedding ring as the rest still fit. And I notice that some of my socks leave slight indents, more than usual, on my legs.

One of my two pair of black pants has a small hole in the crotch and on the bum. I desperately need to fix the holes so I can continue to wear the pants.

From what I have read on other blogs and in my birth group, I seem to be one of the few people who isn’t bothered by baby moving during the night. I am sure she moves at night, I do feel her when I happen to wake, but if she is moving around while I am sleeping, I continue to sleep. Lucky me, yeah?
I sleep well enough. Not nearly enough hours, but decent enough sleep when I do go to bed. There is no such thing as “tossing and turning” any more. It’s definitely a more thought out and planned process of turning over. I usually save switching from one side to the other after a bathroom trip and/or Paxlet wake-up (he needs a drink of water, his blanket put back on him, the ghost night light turned back on, pee trip, etc).

Tadbit moves quite a bit. There is a pattern to her movements, but I’ve not kept a record of them. It’s more like, oh yeah, I haven’t felt her for a bit, this seems to be around the time she should be moving again. And then she’s moving. However, she does seem to stretch and kick in the evening when Mr Siili and I are watching a show or two. Yips of pain from me and Mr Siili looking a bit concerned at my tummy.

I’ve noticed more hiccups lately, but not nearly as many as I remember Paxlet having. I think they are funny. (I also laugh when our cats get hiccups.)

It was confirmed by the midwife yesterday that Tadbit is head down, with her spine along my right side, but not yet engaged. Her head was “too far back”? Anyway, she does still slide around a bit. I’m still not concerned as I’m sure she’ll get into position soon.

A non-food aversion I’ve really had this pregnancy is cat puke. While never a pleasant thing to have to clean up, it has been a very gaggy issue this pregnancy.

I’m thankful this cold is winding down. It truly was making me miserable and difficult to carry out daily tasks.

I miss being able to walk anywhere. It’s difficult enough to just walk to the trash bin outside much less keep up with an active toddler or just go for a walk.

I know I should try and enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy, but I just don’t feel I have time. There is always something to be done, whether I actually do it or not is another issue. I do have moments of enjoyment, but not as much as with Paxlet’s pregnancy. This time around really is different.

I filled out the 19 page food and eating habits form of the last month for the T1D study this week. I also received my container of formula that we are to use, if we give Tadbit formula. And as Tadbit has stayed put past 35 weeks, we are ready to rock and roll with the study when she comes.

I have some friends coming over on Saturday. We’ll eat tacos, chat and maybe I’ll even put together a quick art project for the kids (some glitter glue, paper bits, stickers, etc). It’s always good to see friends and their kids. I only need to get the house a little bit tidied. I’m not going on a cleaning frenzy, but I would like to have the clutter picked up a bit, downstairs vacuumed, the bathroom cleaned and maybe a bit of spot mopping (the kitchen and under the table definitely need it).

I made a point of putting Paxlet’s hand on my tummy when Tadbit was moving about one evening and he seemed to enjoy it. He’s since asked me if the baby is awake or not. And then sometimes he’ll come to my bump, poke it and say “wake up baby” (in English!). I just about melt. Quite often Tadbit does wake up when Paxlet pokes at her.


3 thoughts on “35 weeks +1 day, #2

  1. I hope the woman in your group can find another option. I’m crushed for her that she’s made it past the 20 week mark and they won’t try surgery 😦

    I’ve was never bothered by the baby moving at night either. It was my knees that would wake me up because they hurt 🙂

  2. Weird- I was trying to comment on your next post but it wouldn’t let me. I’m glad that your friend was able to find a hospital that gives her possibilities. I hope that Gabriel is born as healthy as possible so that they can help him!

    I just read the Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins which was pretty good.

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