#MicroblogMonday – Library bus

I was going to bore you all with how sick I’ve been the last few days, the fact that I went to the doctor today and got antibiotics for the start of a lung infection, but then this happened:

Library bus
Monday is library bus day! This bus stops not too far from our house each week and I never knew! Paxlet and I waited with two friends (one who goes semi-regularly and the other who was there for the first time too) to get on the bus and choose 3 books. Paxlet was so excited to get on a library bus! I know we can go to the library proper, but we just never have*. This bus however is begging to be used. And I plan to use it more often!

Do you have library buses where you live? If you don’t have a library bus, would you want one to stop near you? Or do you prefer the real library?

*Paxlet has gone to the library several times with his daycare lady. I sort of feel bad that I’ve not ever taken him myself… However, we do have a decent amount of books at home that he hasn’t gotten totally bored with, yet.

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