#MicroblogMonday – Sledding Sunday

Last weekend we were at this friends house helping to make the slide (ok, Mr Siili helped and I watched, with Paxlet getting in the way helping some).

Yesterday was Sledding Sunday aka Laskiaissunnuntai aka Shrove Sunday in Finland. It is a day of sledding and eating laskiaispulla (sweet buns with whipped cream and jam). Anything else is a bonus!

The weather was -6 °C (21,2 °F), sunny and no wind! Perfect for sledding. I, unfortunately didn’t do any sledding, but had fun watching everyone else. Paxlet only when down once, with Mr Siili and I missed it! He’s just not into it yet as it’s still a bit fast and scary for him. Paxlet’s cousin, on the other hand, had the most trips down the hill of anyone (he’s 1,5 years older than Paxlet).

Our hosts grilled makkara (sausage) and had hot juice for everyone while sledding. Once the sun went down, everyone headed inside for laskiaispulla, hot chocolate, Karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pastry) with egg butter, cookies, juice and tea.


Family portrait.
(Mr Siili, Paxlet, myself)


Paxlet’s uncle (Mr Siili’s brother) and cousin coming down the hill.


There was even an ice rink! On the frozen lake.


An over all view of the proceedings. I’m standing out on the lake.


Rabbit tracks.


Bird (crow?) tracks.


Paxlet and Mr Siili watching the sledding below.


Paxlet and myself just before heading inside.

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Sledding Sunday

  1. That looks wonderful!! We’re having a dry/hot winter here (the driest in over 40 years) and so I’m jealous of those of who are actually getting a winter! Lovely traditions!

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