33 weeks + 1 day, #2

Thursday was my first day back at work after a week of sick leave. My bump was so sore and I was exhausted in the evening. We had a work meeting that took us across the street for it and I think that was too much walking for me. The meeting was seriously just across the street, less than a block away! I cried yesterday evening. Tears of pain and frustration. Paxlet has been a bit difficult to put to bed lately and I get frustrated because I can’t move and bend like I need to, Paxlet wiggles more than I can handle and it all just makes me even more sore and tired. Unfortunately, Mr Siili just won’t do in Paxlet’s eyes for the bedtime routine. Ugh.

Eight more days at work before I start maternity leave. I am so ready for it! With Paxlet, I felt I could have easily worked another 2 weeks or so. Not this time!

Even during my sick leave, I was still quite tired most mornings and days. I did manage to nap a day or two. I’m just not a napper. However, I feel totally tired, sometimes exhausted to be back at work. I sleep ok when I sleep, but between semi-frequent night bathroom trips and Paxlet waking up, however brief, during the night, I’m not getting enough shut eye.

If Mr Siili’s comments are anything to go by, this Tadbit-bump has visibly grown even more lately! I know I definitely feel it! And the winter pants I bought barely a month ago show it too! They are now quite snug and the button doesn’t want to button up, comfortably. Thank goodness for suspenders.

I think I might be a horse/old nag these days. I have become quite swayback lately. I just can’t seem to stand up straight, no matter how much I try. I also lean back to counter balance this growing bump. All of this just makes my back achy-sore. I am so ready! And so adds another animal to my list of animals I feel like.

Tadbit has been really pushing and stretching lately. It hurts! She still has her spine (and bum up?) along the right side of my bump. The last few nights she pushes around so much that the right side of my bump is larger and hard, while the left side is deflated and squishy-empty. Plus, she’s definitely getting stronger with her movements. I yelped again last night and was almost in tears over the pain. I am so over it!

I have been eating way too much junk food in the evenings. I might almost call it a craving, but it isn’t for anything specific most nights, just junk food: salty and sweet. Again, this was the same as with Paxlet. I avoided sweets like the plague in the beginning of the pregnancy and then during the 3rd trimester, I pigged out!

I was totally looking forward to the last Ice Cream Social I organized before maternity leave at work today. It’s Friday the 13th and the day before Valentine’s day. (I love Friday the 13th! V-day, meh, just an excuse.) The ice cream (6 different flavors) and toppings (candies, nuts, sauces, cookies, etc) were yummy! What more could anyone want? I did eat way too much though. I’m not talking about eating for two…I more like ate for 3 or 4. The downside is that I did have to walk to the store to buy the ice cream, which was only a block away. But it was too much for my achy breaky bump and back. I’m quite sore again tonight.

I’m managing with the maternity clothes I have, especially since I only have a 8 more days at work. I have been wearing sweatpants at home and even out of the house…to the store! That is so not me. I cringe at myself, but they are warm and comfortable.

We’re still no where on names. I guess it is hard to get anywhere on names when they aren’t even discussed yet. I’m (more) fine with it, this time, as I know Mr Siili will need to see the baby before he can think about putting a name to it. I however have been emailing myself all sorts of names. Some names I actually like and others that aren’t so bad and fit my criteria, but most likely won’t get anywhere near our top 5. I really really like the name Lydia, but it so happens to be my car’s name. I think I could get over it and so could my car, but I don’t think Mr Siili could. LOL

The other day, Paxlet told me that we need to buy the baby its own potty. I asked if Tadbit could share his potty and he agreed. A neighbor boy has a younger sister and she was up and awake earlier this week while outside and Paxlet was so interested in her. He kept wanting to be up in my arms to see her. And he waved at her. She’s only 8 months old. The last few weeks, Paxlet has been kissing the bump as part of his bedtime routine. Talk about melt my heart!

I am so tired of leaking. I wear a liner and nothing happens. I take said liner off and I leak. It’s just so gross and leaky. I do however like not having a period. Which reminds me…I have no idea what we’ll do for birth control once Tadbit is born. IUD again? Nuva Ring? Condoms (hahahahahahahaha)? The snip for Mr Siili? The snip for myself?

I don’t think I’ve been too moody. I’m sure Mr Siili would have a different opinion.

I do know that I am ready for my body to be my own again. Not being able to bend over, even while sitting in a chair, much less while standing and bending at the hips/waist, is the pits! I so want to stretch and pop my back without sharp twinges and pains. I’m thankful for not being too swollen yet. I don’t have horrible hip pain. I sleep decently enough. I am able to get around. I don’t have anything worrisome in this pregnancy. All in all, things are quite easy for me, again, yet it is harder this time around. I’m just ready for this pregnancy to be done already. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be the second time around.

I seem to be full of exclamation points this post!

Have I mentioned that I’m really ready for this pregnancy to be done?!


3 thoughts on “33 weeks + 1 day, #2

  1. Less than two months to go- you can do this!!

    I love when Izzy interacts with other kids and I’m sure that it’s going to be so excited and cute when Paxlet interacts with his sister! I love that he kisses your bump every night. 🙂

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