32 weeks + 1 day, #2

Last night I had so much discomfort and pain that I was in bed before 9pm and passed out before 10pm. I didn’t even make it downstairs after putting Paxlet to bed. I just crawled on top of my own bed to see if resting for a bit would help. It didn’t, so I hobbled to the bathroom, quickly brushed me teeth and proceeded to fall asleep. Paxlet then woke up at 5:20. How does this kid know when I go to sleep earlier so that I only end up with my “normal” 7-8 hours of sleep instead of the 9 I was hoping for? However, today started my first day of sick leave (more about that in a second), so I was able to come back home after dropping Paxlet off at daycare and get a couple more hours of much needed sleep.

I had a neuvola appointment on Monday. Everything was normal and fine. Nothing in my urine, my hemoglobin is staying at my normal, weight has gone up almost 2 kilos (up to 82,1 from 68.3 at the start) and Tadbit’s heartbeat was great! Tadbit was sleeping, or at least not actively moving for once, so the midwife got an easy listen this time. However, when I told the midwife how tired I am, even if I am usually getting 7-8 hours a night and just how sore and achy I am lately, she suggested I talk to the doctor to get a bit of time off. She said that a bit of rest just might help me get through the last couple of weeks at work and also start my mat leave in a somewhat ok relaxed state. While I brushed off a visit to the doctor and sick leave a month ago, I am definitely more tired and more achy now. So we booked a time for me on Thursday.

Yesterday was my doctor’s appointment with a young female doctor. (Are they getting younger…? It must be me getting older.) After a few quick questions, we got down to business. Tadbit started wiggling wildly just as the doctor felt my bump. And not only could the doctor feel Tadbit on the outside, she felt her wiggling about while doing the internal exam as well. This wiggling about didn’t allow the doctor to get a very good listen and count of the heartbeat, but as it has been great every other time, I wasn’t worried. Plus, this little girl likes to be stubborn. My cervix is still long (2,5cm) and closed, but it is soft(er). The doctor doesn’t expect me to go into labor in the next couple of weeks, but due to the softness of my cervix, along with my tiredness, BH and achyness the doctor gave me a week off. I will try to rest as much as possible this next week.

Both the midwife and doctor said Tadbit’s laying with her spine along my right and lower right side. I could have told them that. 😀 I did, however, ask the doctor where she thinks Tadbit’s head is: down, but not engaged. I could have told that too, because is moving quite a bit still.

Tadbit has really been poking and stretching a lot and in painful ways this last week. On Monday night she kicked so hard that I yelped and jumped from the pain of it. This discomfort of a bump “totally full of baby” has continued most of the week. The hurt/ache/discomfort was so much on Tuesday and Thursday evenings that I actually cried from it. I don’t remember it being this bad with Paxlet.

I know I’ve not mentioned hemorrhoids before, but(t) I’ve got them. I had them a tiny bit with Paxlet and they never fully went away. Now they are worse this time around, but still maybe not so horrible albeit a bit tender lately. I have no idea what is truly horrible, as this isn’t something people/women tend to talk about much.

I took the opportunity of not being at work today to visit with my very good friend R. It was so nice to just sit and chat. I/We needed it! She claims my bump has grown quite a bit even in just the last week. Mr Siili agreed when I mentioned it to him this evening. No wonder I’m more sore, less able to bend over and just all around clumsy.

I think my wedding ring has to go very soon, if not now. If my fingers are cold, I can still easily manage to get it on and off, but if my fingers are warm…that ring doesn’t want to budge. My other 5 rings are still manageable, 2 of which never come off. Other swelling hasn’t kicked in yet, for that I am thankful.

Other symptoms at the moment? Bending over is almost impossible, so is putting on socks, discomfort if I eat too much at once, extreme hunger and munchies, achy big boobs, shortness of breath, outtie belly button (eeew) and forgetfulness, among other things that I’m not remembering at the moment.

We got our car seat today! I bought it off a friend who bought it new for her boy and girl almost 3 years ago. I know the history of this car seat and for that reason I feel safe buying it second hand.
I have also bought 40 pieces of clothes for Tadbit, second hand. While there are a decent amount of pink in the bunch, I also managed to get some purple, orange, yellow, green and other colors. I will NOT have my girl wearing only pink. Why does there have to be so much pink?!
With the arrival of the diaper bag last week, I think we are good to go! There are only a few minor things (lanolin cream, stuffed animal) that I think we need still and nothing that we couldn’t do without in the first couple of weeks if need be.

I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over. I know I wanted a second chance at pregnancy and I am so very thankful for it. This pregnancy, however, hasn’t been nearly as easy and dare I say fun as my pregnancy with Paxlet. It’s definitely been different. I wouldn’t want to take it back, not for a moment! I am however so grateful that it is almost over. I feel this completes our family and I won’t ever need to be pregnant again.


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