31 weeks + 1 day, #2

This is it! I’m down to single digit weeks for the count down. Eeps!

I have been feeling very full of baby lately. It is somewhat painful and exhausting.

I was about to write that I have not once felt hiccups this pregnancy! And then Thursday evening I felt some! They were delicate little things, but definitely hiccups.

Tuesday morning, my work offered everyone breakfast as a thank you for the hard work we did during year end closing. While this isn’t really pregnancy related, this pregnant lady was very thankful for breakfast and not having to pay for it or prepare it herself.
I’ve been feeling almost constantly hungry lately, but nothing specific pops out that I must have.

One of my teeth had been hurting me for the last week or so. Especially when I drank or ate something cold and ate anything sweet. Apples hurt just as much as sweets. So I called the dentist on Monday and had an appointment by Tuesday afternoon. I had a tiny cavity and badly eroded gums on that specific tooth. My tooth is still a bit tender, but I am happily eating what I want again without pain!

On Wednesday, I used my last official holiday day to take the day off and go to visit a friend, I. Paxlet, my friend R, her younger daughter and I took a train to our friends house and hung out for a few hours. We were assisted by a very helpful bus driver to get to our destination. Enjoyed yummy homemade pea soup. And then I’s son came home from school crying that his arm hurt, badly. He cried if you looked at it and screeched when his mom touched his hand. I couldn’t stop myself crying along with the son. Stupid pregnancy hormones. R and myself told I to take her son to the doctor’s now! We’d watcher her sleeping daughter and figure out our getting home situation. In the end, I’s husband made it home quickly and took their son in for an x-ray, R and myself made it to our bus and train home and there wasn’t a single break, fracture or crack in I’s son’s arm. It was a fun, exciting and exhausting day. In fact, I think I am still recovering from it today.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday. Or I at least tweaked it a bit and was uncomfortable all evening. Thankfully a Panadol (Acetaminophen) helped.

Today I didn’t wear my support belt while at work, thinking that I’d be sitting enough that it wouldn’t make a difference. I did however forget to put it on when I went across the road to get lunch. And in the end, I’ve been very very sore this afternoon and evening. So much so, that I told Mr Siili that I just couldn’t handle walking around the store to food shop, with or without Paxlet. So we ate what we could find in the freezer (fish fillet & french fries, canned corn and fresh pear). Shopping can be done tomorrow.

My rings are going to need to come off soon I think.

I’ve been trying to decide which animal I most closely resemble or represent lately: penguin, cow, beached whale, something else? LOL

I miss being able to put socks and shoes on easily. Drying off after a shower is also more complicated.

I’ve been having night sweats most nights now. It sucks being insanely hot one second and then cold in the next.

I realized that I have a food aversion: cottage cheese! If I have to, I can mix it in with food and eat it…but it almost makes me gag when I put it on Paxlet’s plate, smell it or even just look at it.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me recently if we know which gender the baby is and are we telling. I have replied with “it is supposed to be a girl, but it can still change before it’s born”. I mean, they can’t be 100% sure which gender it is, unless you actually test for it. So, Tadbit could still be a boy…but most likely not.

We have a car seat! Well, in a month when my friend no longer needs the car seat anymore, we’ll get it. She bought it new 3 years ago and it has never been in an accident. It also looks very well kept and clean. It also has a base so that we just need to click it in and out of the car. Yay! This friend also has a stroller that this car seat can clip into/onto. I am trying to decide if I want to buy that also, and then sell our stroller.

I have my next neuvola appointment on Monday. I will talk to the midwife about my aches and pains. I wonder how much weight I’ve gained in the last 3 weeks.


3 thoughts on “31 weeks + 1 day, #2

  1. We’re getting closer! I’m just a few days behind you. I can relate to a lot of your symptoms/difficulties. I am also hungry pretty much all the time. My rings fit some days and other days they don’t. Drying off after a shower is definitely more difficult. I wish I had a giant blow dryer I could stand in front of. I find myself trying to hook things that fall on the floor with my toes to bring them up to my hands instead of squatting down to retrieve them. And I’ve gone from feeling no hiccups to feeling them 2 or 3 times a day, just in the past week. This is my first pregnancy so I can only imagine how much more complicated every day tasks will become as I get even bigger!

  2. Wop hoo! Single digits!

    I loved feeling the hiccups, especially towards the end because I could tell where the baby’s head was 🙂

    I’m always about a free meal! My favorite was the Holiday Breakfast the building my work was in hosted when I was pregnant with G. Hm, I’m salivating Just thinking about it 🙂

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