#MicroblogMonday – My MIL is awesome


I can’t believe I forgot about #MicroblogMonday last week! This week, I am prepared!

mil mittens

My MIL made these for me for xmas. That in itself is pretty cool, well actually warm. What is really sweet and caring is that the blue yarn was some of my mom’s yarn, which I gave to my MIL a few years ago because it is her favorite color. Instead, my MIL knitted me something with it, because it was my mom’s.

Every time I wear these mittens I feel loved and happy.

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10 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – My MIL is awesome

  1. how wonderful! there’s something so loving about a well-made knitted present, and the connection to your mom makes it so special. And it’s great that you can use them every day.

  2. That is such a wonderfully warm gesture and what a perfect gift. But then you probably deserved it for gifting her the wool. Goodness begets goodness.

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