29 weeks + 3 days, #2

I have been so tired lately that I just haven’t wanted to do anything in the evenings. I think about writing a blog post, but just can’t be arsed. Work has also been quite busy, so no time to write at work either. This morning when Paxlet walked into our room, Mr Siili got up with him, fed him breakfast and entertained him for almost 2 hours so I could get a bit more sleep. actually, I don’t think anything could have dragged me out of bed this morning. I was just so freaking tired! I feel much better at this moment.

It seems on the nights when I actually do go to bed a bit earlier, Paxlet wakes me up more times during the night or earlier than usual. It’s one of those “why do I even bother” feelings. Ugh. On particularly tiring morning, I was grumpy and not very patient. Paxlet didn’t seem to want to cooperate and I couldn’t get myself out of the funk. However, when I dropped him off at daycare, he was frowning as I took his boots off. I asked him about his frown and he turned it into a huge cheeky grin. I looked down and continued to help him take his boots off and when I looked at his face again, he still had that cheeky grin in place. I couldn’t help but laugh and grin back at him. Then he gave me a huge hug as I left and my entire day was turned around. I love that little boy!

I’ve been achy and sore most of the week. Nothing new, just a fact of pregnant life. Some days are worse than others, but again a fact of pregnant life.

I’m sick of winter. More specifically, I’m sick of bundling up, which takes ages, to stay warm whenever I have to head outside. I finally found a pair of outdoor pants that fit (men’s xl) and are a pretty cool color! However, I don’t have many other pieces of regular maternity clothing that are fitting too well. And I plain refuse to go shopping for more clothes that I am only going to use for a couple of months at most. Yeah, first world, pregnant problems.

My tummy is getting to the point that Paxlet can’t really sit on my lap anymore. I mean, he can, but it just isn’t comfortable for me. When I’m brushing his teeth before bedtime, he almost falls off my lap as I can’t keep my leg crossed over my knee. My foot slides right off! My tummy is also in the way of sitting forward, going pee and wiping. LOL. It’s sort of comical really. But mostly, I just feel fat with a round hard bump on the front, rather than pregnant.

Tadbit loves to move. I’m getting kicked, punched and prodded all over the place. Her movements have definitely become much stronger, as I’ve noticed that I have to stop what I am doing at times to catch my breath or recover from the kick that landed in an inappropriate place.

I seem to be hungry a lot of the time. Yet I usually have no idea what I want to eat. So it is all very random: ribs, apple, pb microwave cake with ice cream, grapes, cereal, etc…

I really need to email/call a couple of friends to see if they would be willing and hopefully available to watch Paxlet when I go into labor so that Mr Siili can come with. On the same note, I should email the local doula group and find out about the possibility of having a doula with me too. I worry I’ve left this one a bit late in the game, but I hadn’t really thought of it until recently. On one hand, I am sure I can manage the whole labor and delivery on my own, but on the other, it would be nice to have someone there with me.

Speaking of the whole labor and delivery thing, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. A big part due to the continued watching of One Born Every Minute. I know I wasn’t a screamer last time, I did growl and moan, loudly, quite a bit though. I was also quite scared. That was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I know I said, like many others, that I couldn’t do it and that it hurt too much. However, here I am again, with another wanted pregnancy. This time around, I wonder if I can be more stoic, less noisy and just get down to business? I would also like to go non-medicated again, if possible. I truly believe a short labor makes a huge difference in whether a person wants or asks for pain relief. If I had to go on hours and hours laboring, I think I would have eventually asked for an epidural or something. As it was, there just wasn’t time for anything! I think labor and delivery will be a bit scary again, but this time it will be a known-scary. I’m also excited for it, still? again? Yeah, again!

Five and a half more weeks of work. Woohoo!!


2 thoughts on “29 weeks + 3 days, #2

  1. The second time is faster. And you already know more or less what to expect, and how to recognise everything, so you are more in control.
    May I ask why do you want to be more stoic during labour? Do you think anyone else cares about that? The midwives and doctors do not expect women in labour to be more stoic, as they do not expect them to be more modest, or private, or less intimate. There is no medal handed out for it. So why be more stoic? Do whatever you need to do, lady, it’s probably the last time you are the center of attention, when you can get away with anything, you’re the diva running the show, so make the most of it. 🙂
    In German the labour word is called a Kreißsaal, literally meaning “the shouting/yelling hall”. Germans are nothing if not practical (and also literal). 🙂
    I tried the plan with having someone babysit George when Stevie was due. It did not work out. My husband had to go relieve the babysitter. And Stevie was born right before my husband was suposed to come back. Frankly, I thought I went into the birthing pool to help with the pain, since it was a bit too late for any medical pain relief. And just when I was trying to “relax”, Stevie came out. Life, eh? 🙂 So be prepared for plan B as well.

    • Ok, maybe stoic was a bad word choice. 😀 I am thinking more about myself and if I can manage to just go in and deliver without the need to make a big deal about it. Not that I think I made a big deal last time, however I am sure Mr Siili sees it a bit differently than I, coming from an outside view point. I just feel that I do know what to expect more and that even if it is painful, the pain goes away when the delivery is done. In the end, it will happen as it happens. I’m not worried or stressed, just thoughts going through my head.
      And yes, I would love to try a water birth, but I vaguely remember something about the hospital I will be at not having one or at least not having many… or maybe it was that if you waters had broke you couldn’t go in. I will have to research this.

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