My spoon

I have a mish-mash set of dishes/utensils at work for food and drinks. Sure, there are some provided for our use at work, but I like having my own, knowing that I will have them at my disposal when I want them. I also hand wash my things instead of using the dishwasher because it guarantees that my things stick with me. However, there are a few times I have forgotten my things in the kitchen and someone puts them in the dishwasher. I do get my things back, as soon as I remember where I’ve left them. Except for two times when my spoon disappeared!  The spoon in question walked (auto text typed “waddled”, how appropriate) away, but after I left a “lost” poster for my spoon, it was returned. The second time my spoon disappeared was early summer last year. I put up another notice and had many people ask if my spoon had been found. It had not been found or returned. I was resigned to the fact that my spoon was not coming home to me. Someone else must have needed it more.


Then today, one of my co-workers walks in with my long lost spoon!!

The funny thing is, a few of my co-workers and I were just dicussing my spoon a week or two ago. I know it is silly to have this much interest or investment in a little spoon, but I like this spoon. I specifically brought this spoon from home to use at work because of its design, shape, look and how it makes me feel when I use it. It’s my spoon.


What do you think?

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