28 weeks, #2

No doubt about it now, I am in the 3rd trimester!

I had a neuvola (midwife) appointment this week. It was quite uneventful and normal. Next appointment is in 3 weeks.

I’ve gained some weight since my last appointment 4 weeks ago: 4,6 kilos (10,1 lbs). I’m up a total of 11,1 kilos (24,4 lbs). That’s right about where I was with Paxlet too.

My hemoglobin is back up to 110, which is normal for me if a bit on the low-ish side. That’s the same number I had at my first neuvola appointment. I’ll continue taking the iron tablets anyway.

When it came time to listen to Tadbit’s heartbeat, she kept up her cheeky ways and wiggled away from the doppler. Several times. LOL

I’m still having lots of BH and low pelvic pressure. As the work doctor said just before xmas that this is normal for pregnancy and not much as changed since then, my midwife wasn’t too concerned. However, she would have gotten me a doctor time if I wanted one, but I said I was fine. If anything changes, I will call and get an appointment.

Paxlet’s daycare lady (across the street) has been sick this week so we’ve had to go to the back-up daycare (half a kilometer away). We’ve managed to catch a bus exactly one time in the morning and one in the afternoon, which is exactly one stop away. But, oh how I like that one bus stop. I find myself quite sore in the bump for the rest of the day and evening if I have to walk one or both directions. Even if I walk slowly, on snow and ice, pulling Paxlet in a sled. But it is just too short of a distance to justify a car. I hope our daycare lady feels better next week. We’re spoiled with her being so close to us.

Sweating. Ugh. I’ve started sweating a bit more under the armpits, but especially in my leg creases up near my lady bits. Last time I thought it was because of the summer heat. Nope! This seems to be a pregnancy thing for me. At least this amount of sweating. Bleurg.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a normal bra online, one cup size bigger than what I have now and it finally arrived! It fits and is mostly comfortable, however I needed to get an extender piece so it will fit around my thickened rib cage. Once I got the extender piece, my chest area has been much happier! Now to find a nursing bra I am happy with.

I’m still avoiding having to buy new maternity clothes. I just don’t want to, but I am going to have to.

No new stretch marks yet. I only had two small ones from Paxlet. They showed up near the end of the pregnancy on either side of my laparoscopy scars.

If something drops on the floor, I really have to think if I want it bad enough to bend over and pick it up. Or try to get Paxlet to give it to me.

At bedtime, Paxlet asks Mr Siili for a big hug and a little hug. Then he wants daddy to give the baby a big hug and little hug. Paxlet’s huge stuffed dog gets the same request/demand too. Sometimes I am included in this too.

I’ve still been watching you.tube episodes of One Born Every Minute. It is fascinating to see how women react so differently to labor, pain and delivery. I’m still not decided if I am more excited or more scared of going into labor and delivery this time around. One the one hand, I know what is going to happen. On the other, I know what is going to happen! I hope and want to feel more relaxed, be less scared and less vocal (hahahah). Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “28 weeks, #2

  1. Yay, for 28 weeks! sounds like you are doing great, although it is a drag when it starts to get hard to move around. I was personally so relieved and much more comfortable when I started wearing maternity clothes, though I put off actually getting them too. Bras, uck. I would love to know if you find maternity bra you actually like. Mine are OK but I don’t feel great in them and am frequently readjusting.

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