#MicroblogMonday – Names

In Finnish, there are two names for “uncle”, depending on which side of the family the uncle is from.
Eno = mother’s brother.
Setä = father’s brother.

Aunts on the other hand only have one word: täti.

Setä and täti are also used as a general name for an unknown male or female person when talking about someone to your kid. Such as some man/lady in the store. Paxlet, watch where you are walking so that you don’t bump into that lady/täti.


Names have been on my mind a lot lately. Tadbit doesn’t have a proper name yet and most likely won’t until a few weeks after she is born, if it goes anything like with Paxlet. I have a few requirements that I require of a name:
1. The name can’t start with a J. The Finnish J sounds like an English Y. Example Jennifer=Yennifer or Jenny=Yenny.
2. I do not want my girl child name Marja. It is a very nice name and I know several ladies with that name, but I would always think “Berry”. Also see #3.
3. No M-names. There are too many M-names in my family already and I mix them up all the time! Even with people whose name doesn’t start with an name.
4. Preferably the name won’t start with an S. Our boy’s name starts with an S and so does our last name. Plus, I have cousins (who are siblings) with names starting with the same letter and I always found that a bit strange… However, there are several girl S-names that I do like.
5. The name needs to be easily said/written in Finnish and English.

So, the question is, what are we going to name our little girl?!

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Names

  1. What comes concerning the name Marja, You should know that it has link to the Bible to the name Maria!

    Good luck with searching the name. I had no problems when naming my daughter – Inca. There are many girls with name Inka in Lapland, but I traveled in my youth in Peru many times, so it is from there I got the idea. She has been very content with it. She has even her own road in Santiago de Chile. It is easy to pronounce in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and German etc.

    Life is full of stories!

  2. We had a shortlist of names but didn’t name our baby girl until she was born. We wanted to see “who she was.” Or we were indecisive. Or both. But in any case she ended up with the perfect name.

  3. Ha — let ChickieNob name her 🙂 It’s interesting that aunt/uncle is also a word attached to people who are strangers. Is the word devalued or are ordinary people valued more? You know? I like to think of it as the latter.

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