Type 1 diabetes in Finland, continued

A few more thoughts on type 1 diabetes in Finland.

When I asked the study lady what causes Finns to have the highest rate of T1D in the world?, she explained several thoughts/theories/ideas on the matter. Many of these seem to be environmental in nature:

1. Finns in general consume a lot of milk products, milk especially. How much more milk than other countries, I have no idea. I know I have started consuming more dairy since living here.

2. Also, most cases of T1D present themselves in the fall/autumn. Does the onset of long nights/short days trigger T1D? If that is the case, why don’t other northern places (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, etc) have this same issue?

3. Is there some virus/bacteria/infection that is found in Finland and not elsewhere in the world?

4. This was heard/read elsewhere: Are Finnish households too clean? Are the houses themselves too well protected/insulated from the environment that outside elements don’t get through the walls and windows?

I am sure there are more things to consider, but this is enough for me. After living in Finland for so long and hearing this information, I really do wonder if it isn’t something environmental, along with genes. I mean, for it to affect immigrants too, it has to be something _here_, right in Finland and not just the small gene pool of Finnish people themselves.

In any case, we are doing what we can to help this study. Hopefully something will be found with this study and maybe even a cure for T1D will be found. Or at least a way to lessen the number of people affected with it.


2 thoughts on “Type 1 diabetes in Finland, continued

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