#MicroblogMonday – It sucks to be a mom sometimes

We had a decent xmas break; a full week away from work. We spent most of it with Mr Siili’s parents and I think Paxlet had a decent time. Even if he didn’t sleep the best. However, today is Monday and it is back to the grind for us all. Work for the adults and daycare for the boy. None of us want to go, but especially Paxlet. His normal daycare lady is still on holiday so he is at a new and strange daycare for four days this week. (Thursday is New Year, thus no work and no daycare.)

As we got in the car, he kept telling me he wasn’t happy about going to daycare today. As we got out of the car, he said the place was (looking) ok. And then as we got inside the daycare, he wasn’t going in that room with all the other kids. In the end, I left my crying and unhappy boy in the arms of another woman. She looked and sounded nice enough, but it wasn’t me. Or in the arms of his wife/partner, to which I hope I won’t be leaving him crying and unhappy with in the future someday.

Sometimes, it sucks to be a mom.

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – It sucks to be a mom sometimes

  1. I just hate it when, as a working parent, you’re left with no choice but to leave your kids when you really don’t want to. It’s so hard on a mom’s heart. Totally feeling you on this.

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