25 weeks, #2

Only 15 more weeks to go with this pregnancy, assuming she arrives at 40 weeks. That means I only have 9,5 more weeks of work and I’m off all of next week, so really, it’s only 8,5 weeks. Ack! Time is flying.

I’ve been feeling quite cruddy in the late afternoons and evenings this entire last week. It seems that about the time I get off work and go pick Paxlet up from daycare that my tummy is just done and over with it all for the day. I quite often feel pressure and discomfort in my pubic/low groin area when standing. I know I am having Braxton hicks semi-regularly. They aren’t painful, but I do feel them, which is what I am assuming most of the low pressure is. It’s difficult to stand up (even from a regular kitchen chair), bend over, squat down, climb stairs or any other sort of movement. However, I wonder how much of this is just tiredness and my over thinking things. I feel like all I do is complain about my discomfort and not-very-good-moodiness. On the flip side, I’ve had several people tell me to call the doctor and see what is up. So, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

This week Tadbit should be about the size of a rutabaga. How appropriate, I think, with xmas coming up and Rutabaga casserole (lanttulaatikko) on the xmas table spread. But if I think about it too much, it sort of creeps me out to compare my baby to foods I like.

We’re going to Mr Siili’s parents for xmas, like we do every year. I know I should try to rest, but I have no idea how much of that will happen. I am sure I can easily get out of any pre-xmas cleaning, but I’ll still feel guilty. I haven’t figured out what cookies I want to make for gifts this year, much less done any of the baking yet. I am just too tired and achy in the evenings. I may end up giving IOUs for later in the year.

Paxlet is sleeping quite well most nights now, I haven’t been sleeping so well. I’ve had a stuffed up nose, that causes me to be a mouth breather and snorer, which in turn painfully dries my mouth out. So I wake up with a paper dry mouth, to drink some water. And then drinking water is making me have to go pee even more. Woe is me! LOL It seems to be a bit better the last couple of nights, but not 100%.

I got the flu shot last week’s Friday. My shoulder was sore for a few days and that’s all.

Other than feeling like I am complaining a lot, there isn’t so much to tell about this week. We’ve got snow! It’s beautiful. Christmas is coming and it doesn’t feel like it.


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