23-24 weeks, #2

24 weeks today! That means viability has been reached! I’ll still be even more grateful for each day and month Tadbit continues to stay put.

We’ve been back in Finland for 2 weeks now and everything only just getting back to normal. Paxlet didn’t sleep well at all until a couple of nights ago, Mr Siili and I were exhausted from that and my tummy was hurting quite a bit from the strain of not getting any rest. It just so happened that I had a neuvola (midwife) appointment on the Monday following our return to Finland. She booked me a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday morning and that doctor gave me a week off work. So, I’ve only just started back at work this week, yesterday (Wednesday).

At the neuvola appointment my hemoglobin was tested and the iron pills I have been taking have helped! Still nothing in my urine. Yay! And I was informed that as my blood-sugar test was normal during my last pregnancy, I don’t need to do it this time. Woohoo! When the neuvola nurse tried to listen to Tadbit’s heartbeat, she wiggled away from the doppler. She sure is taking after her mom. LOL

At the neuvola appointment, I also received my certificate of this pregnancy lasting for XX number of days (over 100 and something… I never remember the exact number of days). It allows me and Mr Siili to apply for social benefits such as maternity/paternity leave and pay. It also allows us to get the maternity package or the money instead of the package (especially since we have so much baby stuff still left from Paxlet).

As I said, I got a week off work to try and rest and recover. The doctor checked my tummy. It was nice and soft she said. Then she did an internal exam. The exam itself didn’t hurt too much, but part of her gloves were not lubed and that did hurt outside part of my lady bits. She also poked around quite a bit, as my cervix is nice and high and thick. I was sure I would bleed a bit from the check, but I didn’t. I did lay in bed and rest some during this week, but even that starts hurting after a while.

My tummy is sometimes better, sometimes not. As Paxlet started sleeping more, it hurt later in the day each day. But it still hurts or at least aches. I went for a slow walk with a friend last week and I was so very sore afterward. 😦 This time around, my bump is much more achy and sore sooner than with Paxlet.
In recent days, especially in the afternoons and evenings, my bump just feels…full. Almost like I’ve eaten a huge meal and I’m full of food. Except I haven’t. My tummy is just full of…baby? And very uncomfortable. I’m going to try and eat less food, but more often and see if that helps. If anyone else has ideas or suggestions, I’m all up for trying to reduce this fullness.

With Paxlet, I had no clue what Braxton Hicks felt like. I mean, I knew what they were, from reading about them, but I just wasn’t sure of what they were for me personally. It wasn’t until quite late in the pregnancy when I was having a BH at a neuvola appointment that she pointed it out to me. So, now I know. And this time I am having a decent amount of them. They aren’t painful, yet. Nor regular. Mostly, they are just annoying.

Waddling is definitely much easier for getting around than trying to walk normal. And walking any sort of distance just isn’t fun. It is also quite slow going.

I don’t think I’m that moody, but Mr Siili thinks otherwise. Sometimes, he just does or says stupid sh…stuff. I do feel that he blames everything on pregnancy and hormones and I am not allowed to have feeling and emotions all my own, just because a situation warrants it. He isn’t a saint either.

My belly button getting quite flat. I think I’ll definitely have an outtie this time. *shudder*

Tadbit generally moves quite a bit. But earlier this week she wasn’t moving too much. I was a tiny bit concerned, but she was still moving some. Today she moved quite a bit, so I’m relieved. I’m not sure if it was the coffee, sugar or just her moving around because she wanted to. I also wonder if she had turned into a different position and so was kicking me in places I just couldn’t feel it as well?

I’ve gained just a bit over 6 kilos (13,2 pounds) so far. It’s roughly where I was with Paxlet. I was sure I had gained much more weight while in the US. I ate tons of junk food!

Today I wore my favorite pair of black stretch maternity pants. I am so glad I hadn’t gotten rid of them yet. I need to buy a new bra. My current bra size is 75F, what next? I hate bra shopping.

I sort of had some cravings this last week. Somewhere I saw blue cheese and decided I had to have it. Yum!! And then I read on FB that someone was wondering if it was possible to buy Salt and Vinegar chips in town…and I had to have some. When I bought themf rom the store, I couldn’t wait until I got home to open the bag, so I started munching in the car. I thoroughly enjoyed them, with nom-nom sounds and all!

When people ask if we know the gender, I tell them “it is supposed to be a girl”. I’ll fully believe it when I see it at birth.
I saw the cutest girly outfit the other day. It was a pink body/onsie with some tu-tu tule around it, with a bird printed on it, but I didn’t buy it. Mostly because it was pink. I know where it is, so it might end up in Tadbit’s wardrobe anyway.

I’m still not feeling fully connected to this pregnancy. At least not like I remember being with Paxlet. However, I didn’t feel…fully connected with him either until he was born, at least not in the way I’ve heard/read others have connected. Feeling kicks and punches from Tadbit does help make it more real.

My freak out thought this week? How the hell am I going to cope with 2 kids?


4 thoughts on “23-24 weeks, #2

  1. Yay viability!!!!!

    This may sound scary, but before L was born I came across a blog post on pinterest regarding parenting two kids. She said when baby #2 comes along, give yourself 6 months to get used to two kids and establish a new routine, though it may not take that long. It sounded like a long time, but I realized soon after the 6 month mark that things were not as crazy/stressful as they were in the beginning. And that first 6 months After L was born flew by much faster than it did with G. You’ll figure it out 🙂

  2. Yay for viability!

    Maybe you need to drink more water and your stomach won’t be as sore?

    I wasn’t connected at all with my pregnancy until Izzy was born. Maybe I will feel differently if I can get pregnant again but who knows.

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