21-22 weeks + 1 day, #2

WE ARE HOME! Can I just say that I am so happy I will never have to travel long distances while pregnant, in planes and with a toddler, ever again? I now understand why they put a limit as to how far along a woman can be in her pregnancy and still be allowed to fly. I believe it isn’t only for safety’s sake, but also comfort’s sake. Flying is rough. Flying pregnant, with a toddler and husband, is very rough! (I get more into that in a near future post.)

I am sure I gained several kilos/pounds while in the US. I ate many of my favorite junk foods and anything that caught my fancy like it was going out of style. Ugh! You’d think that bloating and discomfort would stop me from doing it again the next day, right? Wrong! LOL

I packed light in the clothing department in hopes of finding maternity clothes while there. Nope. Didn’t happen. Finding maternity clothes in the US was possibly more difficult than here in Finland. Of the stores I went to, none of them had mat clothes. Some used to have them, but not anymore. And I didn’t want to buy online before I arrived, because I am sure I would have returned most of them and that was not a hassle I wanted to deal with.
In the end, I bought one skirt and sleeveless sweater, regular clothing in a size larger than I normally wear.

Even though we slept in a hotel (inn) bed, without our own pillows, I slept decently well when Paxlet allowed us to sleep. However, it is amazing to be home in my own bed with my own pillow and to be able to use my bump pillow!

During these last two weeks, I have been feeling Tadbit move constantly. Talk about relief and comfort. Even when I am poked in the bladder. Some of the movements are so queer feeling that is almost makes me nauseated or at least take a second to pause from what I am doing. I’ve also started kicks on the outside. I love it! And it is definitely making this pregnancy feel more real, finally.

My family (read: esp. my stepmom) was thrilled to find out we are having a girl. I got many comments to the effect of how lucky we are and how I must be thrilled to now have one of each. My stepmom organized an early Thanksgiving and baby shower for us (me) while we were there. We were inundated with so much pink* love from family and friends. I am truly fortunate and thankful.
Here are a few pictures from the baby shower:
100_3333 100_3350 100_3334 100_3360_1 100_3359 100_3365 100_3400_1

I even announced on FB, finally. This is the picture I posted:
21 weeks 2 days Just after the baby shower in the US

21 weeks 2 days
Just after the baby shower in the US

My bump has definitely grown! My dad (especially) and stepmom commented on how it seemed like I grew a bit more each day. And just today, when I took Paxlet to say hi to his daycare lady, she commented on how much I have grown because she can now notice the bump through my jacket! I’ll be retiring that jacket very very soon.

I too have noticed bump-growth. It is almost impossible to squat and then stand up from that position. Bending over isn’t so easy either. Nor is reaching across counters, tables, car seats, etc. I am starting to get in the way of myself.

It is almost an absolute must to wear my tummy support these days. I get so achy, even if just puttering around home, if I don’t wear it. Achiness is not fun. Something that noticed/learned in the US while driving a stick shift: that makes my bump and back ache! I notice it a tiny bit here at home with my automatic, but my goodness, a stick shift makes it all the more achy.

*I did try to tell everyone that I didn’t want pink stuff, but I knew it was useless. LOL. I’m just not a pink sort of girl.


One thought on “21-22 weeks + 1 day, #2

  1. It’s so hard to get away from pink. Once we had Izzy I was so happy that we didn’t find out the sex because everyone had to buy us gender neutral clothes to begin with (MWAHAHAHHAHAHA). 🙂

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