19 weeks + 1 day, #2

I had this started already earlier this week and I just couldn’t be bothered to write and publish it yesterday. This laziness and “can’t be arsed” attitude seems to be the theme of this pregnancy. I didn’t take a weekly picture last night either, even though I remembered… I even told Mr Siili I can’t be bothered. Tonight. I promise, tonight.

Five days until our anatomy scan and 6 days until we are hoping on a plane to visit family. I’m definitely more worried/concerned/stressed about the up coming trip. The scan, I’ve hardly even thought about.

Even though the thought of traveling to the US is stressing me out right now, I know that once we get on the road and especially checked in at the airport, I will be fine. I look forward to Paxlet meeting my family, experiencing things I grew up with and just spending some (hopefully stress-free and) quality time with my family.

Reminder to self: do NOT leave anywhere without visiting the restroom first. I think I need to write this on my hand.

I’m still feeling big, bloated and/or fat. Sometimes I feel pregnant, but not really. I’m also slightly uncomfortable, sometimes. I think once I feel more movement, things will start to be more real and I’ll feel more pregnant. Maybe.

I do hope to feel more movement soon.I know I have felt a few movement earlier than with Paxlet. But I am pretty sure that once I started feeling movement with Paxlet, it was constant (10am and evenings) and every day. This time around, no so. I think I have felt swooshie-queasy movements, but not really sure. Although, most of the times I do feel these weird things, it is in the upper right hand side of my tummy/gut, which is where I have felt the definite movements. I spend way too much time thinking about (possible) movements in my stomach area.

I definitely need my tummy support belt these days. On Sunday, I drove to the store, gently/slowly wandered around a bit and then drove home and I still hurt! Seriously, I just walked around the store.

I had…something…to update. I didn’t write it down as soon as I thought about it and now I’ve forgotten what it is, again. This too is part of my life lately. LOL

Rusty the cat has decided to sleep right next to me lately. I mean, he’s always slept near me, except when Paxlet was in bed with us, but lately it seems like he is squished so close to me I can’t wiggle my legs and thus my back gets stiff and sore. But, if I try to push him out of the way, he leaves the bed and decides to start whining, which can possibly wake up Paxlet. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

No cravings, still! But I am thinking about Doritos, Taco Bell, cheddar cheese and a myriad of other foods (and candies) that I can’t get in Finland. I am sure to gain more weight than I need while in the US.

I bought my first baby item this time around.
It was only 2€ and in my opinion it is quite girlie. However, if this does turn out to be a boy (I don’t think so), I’ll save this for someone else. Not that it really matters, especially at the age of 3 or so months and seeing that it is pjs, no one outside our immediate family is probably going to see it anyway. I just couldn’t resist it!


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