#MicroblogMonday – Tips for Traveling with a Toddler Needed

In 10 days, Mr Siili, Paxlet and I are hopping in a taxi, a bus, several planes and a car ride to go visit my family in the US. All in all, we’ll be traveling for roughly 25 hours. Mr Siili and I have done it several times before and while it isn’t the easiest, it isn’t so bad. Much better than 30 hours of traveling. However, this will be our first time of traveling this far and long with Paxlet. I have belief in Paxlet that he’ll do just fine and will be a trooper. Mr Siili on the other hand seems to have some reservations and worries. Mostly, I feel that he thinks I am in la-la land when it comes to the trip. (This is the guy who has stressed about getting to our next flight when there was nothing to stress about.)

However, in spite of how wonderful I know Paxlet is going to be on this trip, I’d love any and all tips you have about traveling with a 2 year old. Especially, what types of snacks and foods did you take with you? I know we’ll have some fruit, dried banana chips, raisins, fruit/smoothie pouches, oatmeal pouches and granola/breakfast bars. Mr Siili feels we need some proper food for our boy and Paxlet will NOT eat store bought veggie and meat baby foods in a jar, the easy solution for actual meal-like stuff and not snacks. HELP, please?!

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15 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Tips for Traveling with a Toddler Needed

    • Dear, you may mean so well, but you do come off as a tad patronising in your comments. Yes, not just this one. We need comments that bring meaning, clues, or experience. We don’t need comments for comments’ sake. Thank you, nabanita.

  1. I found that snacks were less of an issue because there was so much to see…pouches/cereal are great. Also lots of familiar toys that can have multiple uses. Happy travels!

  2. We would put a few new little toys in different bags, then whip out a new bag every so often. If you have a tablet then maybe download some favourite TV. Sticker books were a huge success. We never solved the snack question – your ideas sound perfect and perhaps ‘proper’ food can be picked up en route? Bon voyage!

  3. Muffins? Z-bars (do you have stuff like that there?). I found the twins always rose to the occassion even if it was behaviour I couldn’t get out of them at home. Everything felt so new that it was exciting.

  4. I had little bags with small treats that I would bribe the boys with when needed. I did not need to do that much, to my surprise. But being prepared made me feel so confident, that I also did much better than I feared I would. 🙂
    When transiting, go look for the “kids corner” in the airport. Many airports offer such places, quite clean, with toys and books and many pillows where little ones can jump to their hearts’ content. Also, be prepared for the “traps” – shops with flashy toys and chocolate. 🙂 You have to find your own way out of that maze. :-p

    • Will definitely look for the fun places for Paxlet to play when we have time…layovers aren’t so long this time around, which I hope is good in that Paxlet won’t have time to get bored. (Famous last words.)

  5. I like your list of snacks! I keep the pouches and raisins in our diaper bags for when we’re out and about. I don’t have any suggestions on meals other than maybe pick out some healthier stuff when you and Mr eat and then share it? I can see his point on wanting more than snacks, but I know with my kids traveling is a whole different ballgame and snacks might be how we survive the travel part of the trip. We can focus on the “real” food when we get to the destination 🙂

    I hope it’s a great trip!

    • If we do buy food, we definitely choose healthier stuff. However, I didn’t think about the liquids consideration. All liquid stuff needs to be in a 1 liter bag. and each person can have 1 of those bags. I don’ tthink we’ll need them full of stuff though. Hahah

  6. I’ve not made a transatlantic flight with our kids yet (coming up in April though, so I’ll bookmark this post to see if any great suggestions come along – and please let us know how it went!), but overall on trips our boys are a bit “off” when it comes to food – too much excitement I guess. However, if Paxlet likes couscous or other grain mixtures, you could maybe make some of that mixed with a few veggies? No need to heat it and it can survive outside the fridge for quite a while too…

  7. My child doesn’t eat, so I have no advice on the snack front, but when traveling with our 3-yo we packed paper with stickers, that book that you color in with the magic marker, a game that had a peg board and colored pegs, little animal figurines, a handful of legos, and of course a bunch of apps! Good luck!

  8. Though I don’t have any recent personal experience traveling with a young child, I do have a suggestion. I’ve been following the blog of a Mom who frequently travels with her children. This past summer she drove from Georgia to Texas BY HERSELF with TWO children aged 5 and 1 1/2 years. This woman is a force of nature and I’m sure she has a post about snacks on trips and all sort of other good info regarding plane trips as well. Her blog is titled HereWeGoAJen and I’m sure you will find a link via Google. Good luck!

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