18 weeks, #2

After writing last week that I had definitely felt movements, I don’t think I felt movements, at least not for sure, most of the week. In fact, last night was the first time I was sure of movements. All other “movements” could have been gas or digestion. I know it is still early to feel movement all the the time, but even so I got myself so worked up and worried that I called neuvola. My neuvola nurse was very understanding and kind. She asked if I’d like to go in and have a listen for the heartbeat. I melted with relief and had appointment today. Let me just say that all my worry was for naught. She found the heartbeat immediately and clearly. Tadbit has got a steady and strong heartbeat.

I was also able to weigh myself while there. I have gained 1 kg (2,2 lbs) in the last 3 weeks. I have no idea if that is good or not, but according to this pregnancy weight gain tracker, I should gain between 25-36 lbs (11,37-15,91 kg) this pregnancy. Last pregnancy I gained 22 kg (48,4 lbs)! So far, I’ve gained 3,3 kg (7,26 lbs) and that is smack dab right in the middle of where I should be.

I have been quite emotionally…sensitive this week. I’ve felt teary-eyed quite many times and even cried at the stupidest things. There was something I read on FB, at work,  that had be almost bawling like a baby. But, because I was at work, I was choking it back the best I could. I mainly just hoped no one walked by and saw my red leaky eyes. LOL. Hormones, sheesh!

I also wrote last week that we were not going to see my family in the US before this baby was  born. Mr Siili looked for tickets one night, found some decent ones (18 hours of flights + 7 hours of car/bus) and forced us to buy tickets to see my family. We will be leaving in two weeks and leave for home the day before Thanksgiving. Maybe not the best time to travel, but it was what we could manage. I’m more stressed than excited at the moment. I will be happy to buy some Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, deodorant, Bonne Bell Vanilla chapstick, candies and undies, among other things.

Our anatomy scan is the day before we leave for the US. I hope it makes this pregnancy more real for me. I also think it will be cool to be able to tell my dad, siblings and stepmom in person what it’ll be. And, I hope we’ll be able to start making this baby-thing a bit more concrete for Paxlet by being able to use brother/sister instead of “baby”.

Waddling, already? Yes, I think I am waddling. If not actually waddling, then I am walking with my feet slightly farther apart than normal. I feel like I waddle. And I find it funny.

I brought out the tummy support the other day. My goodness, can you say relief? By the end of the day on Monday or Tuesday my tummy was so achy and painful. In the evening it felt like I had a TENS unit (low grade electrical pulse machine that helps with pain management) sending tingly-shocky feelings across my entire abdomen area. I used the belly band the next day and felt much better in the evening. I think it is going to be a regular part of my clothes from now on.

I still wish that I had some funny cravings. I just don’t think it’s going to happen this time either.

I bought a maternity shirt from a FB group last Friday. It arrived today in the mail. I’ve even washed it already!
I also went clothes shopping, in real brick and mortar stores, last Saturday. I went by myself and even accidentally forgot my phone at home! I bought 3 shirts and 1 long open-sweater-thing 2nd hand for 30€. None of them maternity, but they will definitely fit for a while. They are also something I would like to wear after the baby is born and I think they will still manage to look nice then (and not too baggy). Then I bought 2 more shirts, maternity, from H&M, for 30€. Now to find a proper winter jacket and a pair or two of pants, so I don’t freeze!


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